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Feeling light-headed or unsteady lately? You might have dizziness


Dizziness with sweating is the medical condition where a person experiences disequilibrium or feels unsteady, lightheaded, basically dizziness accompanied by sweating due to nervousness and anxiety.
About 5 in every 10 people encounter a dizziness episode severe enough that they need to visit a physician. 

- Usually self-diagnosable
- Treatable by a medical professional
- Lab tests or imaging rarely required
- Can be both acute and chronic (long term)
- Isn- t contagious: doesn- t spread among people
Varieties of conditions can bring about dizziness, some being a viral infection of the ears, migraine, labyrinthitis, Meniere- s syndrome, etc. Other potential causes include anxiety disorders, dehydration, heat strokes, anemia, etc.
Ages affected: Between 0 and 25: Less often; Between 25 and 60: Predominant; 60 and above: Less often.


People may experience:

- Sensations - unsteadiness, lightheadedness, fainting, nausea
- Confusion, hallucinations
- Difficulty in walking
- Fainting, temporarily impaired vision, etc.



Avoiding situations which may cause dizziness - such as spending long durations under the sun, excessive stress, etc. may help. Doctors may tell a patient to commence balance therapy or therapy related to the psyche.


Anxiety-reducing medicines and preventive medicines for migraines are the usual medications prescribed by most doctors.


In a few weeks after commencement, the body slowly begins to adapt to the nauseating feeling; but if dizziness occurs repeatedly and for prolonged durations, surgery may be necessary.
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