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Dehydration: Symptoms and Treatmen


Dehydration occurs when there is more use or more loss of the fluids that we intake daily. That way, the body doesn’t get enough water to carry out some functions which results in dehydration.

75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated

Dehydration usually happens because of
- Fever
- Vomiting
- Diarrhoea
- Vigorous exercising

We might not realize that our body needs water and thus we might forget to drink water. Dehydration is very common and can happen to anyone. But if it happens to infants or very old people, it can be something to worry about. Drinking ample water in a day is very necessary.


Common symptoms to dehydration include
- Dry or sticky mouth
- Dark yellow pee
- Muscle cramps
- Thirst
- Dry, cool skin
- Headache

People may experience:

Besides, there are also symptoms of serious or severe dehydration
- Fainting
- Feeling dizzy
- Not peeing
- Rapid heartbeat or Rapid breathing
- Sunken eyes
For dehydration in babies, the symptoms include:
- No tears when they cry
- Dry diapers
- Lack of energy
- Sleepiness
- Dry tongue and mouth
It can be diagnosed by doctors after blood tests or Urinalysis.


Self-care: Dehydration can be treated by replacing the lost fluids and lost electrolytes in the body by drinking more water and intake of a few medicines for adults.

Medications: For infants, ensure to give them a proper mixture of salt and water to replace the loss of fluids. Visit a doctor.

Specialists: People experiencing severe dehydration are recommended to be treated immediately in a hospital by specialists. At MFine we provide you online doctor consultation, visit our site for a good treatment program.

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