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Deep venous thrombosis is a condition that occurs when a vein deep inside the body has a blood clot. Generally, it occurs in lower leg or thigh but can also happen in other body parts. A general surgeon is the specialist you need for curing deep venous thrombosis.

Deep Venous Thrombosis Symptoms

The deep venous thrombosis symptoms are not prominent in more than half of the patients. The common symptoms are:

  • Swelling in the ankle, leg or foot on one side
  • Cramping pain starting from the calf
  • Severe pain in the ankle and foot
  • An part of skin that feels warmer

Deep Venous Thrombosis Causes

Anything that stops your blood from normally circulating or clotting can act as deep venous thrombosis causes. It can come from lack of movement, medications, surgery, or injury to a vein. Even pregnancy raises the pressure in the pelvic veins. You are at risk if you have inherent clotting disorder.

Diagnosing Deep Venous Thrombosis

The general surgeon will perform a thorough physical examination to check areas of tenderness, discoloration, or tenderness. Find the top general surgeons in the city are easy now with the help of mfine. Get all the details of the best deep venous thrombosis specialist near you and go for a direct visit or an online consultation.

Other Diseases Related To Deep Venous Thrombosis

Being overweight or obese puts pressure on the veins of pelvis and legs. Those with a problem of fluctuating blood pressure also run the risk of deep venous thrombosis. A pulmonary embolism is a fatal complication arising out of deep venous thrombosis in which the arteries get blocked.

Treating Deep Venous Thrombosis

The deep venous thrombosis treatment options include blood thinners, clot buster drugs, and compression stockings. Filters are surgically inserted in a large vein to stop clotting.

Get the aid of the trusted deep venous thrombosis doctors near you in getting the surgery. The experienced specialists will perform the procedure to cure you in no time. The surgery will go without complications and you will recover soon after the surgery as well.

Come to the experts listed on mfine and start the treatment.

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