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Rare but devastating condition of CSR Rhinorrhea: Facts, Symptoms and Treatment


A rare condition where the cerebrospinal fluid that cushions the brain and spinal cord drains out through the nose.

Found mostly in countries with obese culture like the United States. About 488 cases diagnosed per year.[1]

- Requires immediate medical attention
- Serious complications can arise
- Surgery may be required
- More prevalent among women

The condition arises when an abnormal path gets created between the subarachnoid space of the brain and the nasal sinus pipe. It may be caused due to complications in nasal sinus surgery or trauma to the head and face which has damaged the cribriform plate. The condition is rare but needs urgent medical treatment.

Ages affected - No data from proper research is available. The average age is supposed to be around 57 years.


Self - diagnosable
The condition needs to be evaluated by an otolaryngologist and using a CT or MRI scan.

People may experience
Mild to severe headache frequently
Nasal drainage with salty taste
Increase in nasal drainage especially when leaning forward or bending down head
Lack of a sense of smell


Self-care: If symptoms do not subside in a week one should consult a doctor immediately. Medical observation should be done on exact condition.

Medications: Your doctor may advise you going through scans and laboratory tests to understand the situation. Treatment is needed to prevent serious infections like meningitis. In most cases, surgery may be required.

Specialists: In case of any above-mentioned symptom, consult your doctor. At mfine, we can support you with a complete health care program.

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