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Cough- Post Respiratory Infection: Everything to know


Post-viral or post-infectious cough takes place when coughing continues for more than three weeks after a viral respiratory infection has taken place.

The forceful nature of a cough helps your airways to get rid of harmful microbes, extra mucus, and other irritants.[3]
- Usually self-treatable
- Lab tests are rarely required
- Short-term treatment

Post respiratory infections can sometimes cause a lingering cough which generally goes away with time but sometime after the viral illness, the cough might stick around. One of the causes for post-viral cough is that the receptors that are responsible for stimulating the cough during the respiratory tract infection are regulated by respiratory tract infection and stimulate even after the virus has gone.


Post viral coughs can be both generative and dry. -- Please rephrase this sentence
People may experience:
Throat: soreness, Irritation, frequent throat clearing
Also common: hoarseness, chest pain
If severe symptoms start to appear, medical help should be availed right away.


Hives can be cured without treatment and go usually with its own, but theobromine medication is sometimes helpful in improving the symptoms. - Please rephrase this sentence

Cough suppressants containing codeine and theobromine are effective but it must always be taken under doctor's instructions.

Drinking tea or broth to soothe throat irritation from coughing.

For other kinds, consult a physician or a Paediatrician. At mfine, we’re here to help you with different areas of health issues, come on board for a holistic treatment program.

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