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Copper Storage Disease: Symptoms and Treatment


Also known as Wilson’s disease, Copper storage disease is a rare inherited disorder which causes copper to accumulate in the liver, brain, and other vital organs of the body.

It usually occurs at the ages of 6 and 45, but it can affect younger or older people too. [1]

1. Treatable by a medical professional
2. Requires a medical diagnosis
3. Lab tests and imaging often required
4. Can last for years or a lifetime

This disorder can’t be cured completely, and can accumulate to a life-threatening level. People with this disorder are likely to pass it on to their children. A child has 25% chance of inheriting this disease if both the parents are carriers of the same.


1. Fatigue
2. Lack of appetite
3. Yellowing of skin and whites of the eyes
4. Itching
5. Pain or bloating in the abdomen
6. Muscle cramps
7. Nausea
8. Cramps


Medication: Doctors may prescribe medicines containing Penicillamine, Trientine, Zinc Acetate. These prevent the body from absorbing copper from the food. In severe cases, surgeries can also be recommended.

Specialists: Consult a doctor if the symptoms are evident and the condition worsens. At mfine, we provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans for all health concerns under a team of qualified doctors.

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