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What is the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel?


The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel is a kind of blood test which helps to measure sugar & glucose levels, liver & kidney functions in the body. It is a set of 14 blood tests which can give valuable information about your body to health care professionals. Also called as a metabolic panel, it helps to pin down and understand several body conditions or illness' if you are experiencing any. The tests include blood sugar, albumin, total blood protein, electrolytes, kidney tests, and liver function tests.

When is Comprehensive Metabolic Panel recommended?

The CMP test is generally recommended while undergoing treatment or for illness examination concerning the body functions. Your medical professional may advise you to undertake the test to understand specific condition in the body. CMP tests help to diagnose several of the conditions related to kidneys, liver, and diabetes.

Preparing for Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
For the test, you may need to fast without having any food or liquids except water for 10-12 hours. Instructions will be provided by the health care provider depending on the situation. Fasting, however, is required before drawing one’s blood.

Understanding the results of the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Results in CMP are generally evaluated together rather than separately to understand the conditions. For instance, a single abnormal result in the reference range of a test may mean something very different than many of the tests coming in abnormal ranges. The test result may also help to understand the underlying condition. In case the test results are out of range, follow up tests may be required to pinpoint a cause or establish a certain diagnosis.

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