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Chronic Tonsillitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis


Chronic Tonsillitis is a condition where the lymph nodes or tissues lump at the back of the throat.

Bacterial tonsillitis is common in children in the ages from 5 to 15.

  • Caused by virus and bacteria
  • Contagious disease and can spread from an infected person
  • Easily treatable through medication/surgery
  • Chronic in nature and can be control with treatment

Chronic Tonsillitis is a condition of inflammation of the tonsils resulting in swollen tonsils and a sore throat.

Ages affected – Chronic Tonsillitis can affect people from varying ages (3-40 years). However, it is more common in children between the ages of 3 and 7 years.


Self-diagnosis The common symptoms include red, swollen, painful and tender lymph nodes.

People may experience Areas of pain

  • People typically experience pain in the head, ear, throat, and stomach (usually in younger children).
  • Drooling- Due to painful swallowing
  • Patches on tonsils- White or yellow patches
  • Whole body- Fever, chills, malaise
  • Sore Throat Stiff neck- Due to painful tonsils
  • Bad Breath/ halitosis
  • Also, Common- Difficulty in breathing and swallowing, adenoid problems, muffled and scratchy voice, loss of appetite


Self-Care: Having plenty of rest, avoiding contact with infected people, frequent hand washing after coughing and sneezing, avoiding smoking, using lozenges, vaporizer, humidifiers, gargling with salt water.

Medications: OTC drugs for relieving pain.

Specialists: Consult a specialist for treatment.

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