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Asthma: Know it all Concisely


Its a chronic disease which causes heavy coughing, wheezing, short breath and reversible airflow obstruction.

Normally, asthma refers to bronchial asthma.

- Treated by medical professionals
- Medical diagnosis is required
- Lab tests like spirometry, peak-flow and CT scan of the lungs are required
- Is a chronic disease, lasting for years or for life

The inflammation of the airway path makes breathing difficult by hyper-responsiveness or airflow limitation. Some patients may experience attacks during the night and others when they exercise.

3 years to 17 years is the onset age for asthma in most cases.

Symptoms: Diagnosed with tests

The coughing and respiratory problems are similar to chronic bronchitis, but in asthma, there is no mucus in a cough.

Most people may experience
Breathlessness: Shortness of breath while talking, laughing, or running
Pain area: Feeling of tightness in the chest
Wheezing: Whistling sound while coughing
Sleep apnea: Trouble caused in sleep by excessive coughing

Children may experience
- Difficulty in eating or sucking
- Panting during ordinary activities
- Complaint of chest tightness


Self-care: Avoid any triggers such as smoke, perfumes, etc., after knowing them. Always keep a nebulizer with you.

Medications: Steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs like corticosteroids are the primary treatment and Accolate and Zyflo help controlling attacks. Ipratropium relaxes the bronchi airways and eases breathing.

Specialist treatment: Bronchial thermoplasty is required in severe cases of asthma.
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