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1. Everything to know about Nasal congestion.


A feeling of being stuffed up or having a blocked nose is called nasal congestion.
Nasal congestion can usually be cured with home remedies. [1]

- Treatable by some home remedies and medications
- Doesn’t require a diagnosis by a medical professional
- Lab tests or imaging is not needed
Nasal congestion and sinus pressure have causes such as colds, and allergies. When patients have a cold or allergy, the membranes in their nasal passages can become inflamed and irritated.


People may experience:
- stuffy or a runny nose
- sinus pain
- mucus buildup
- swollen nasal tissue
Severe symptoms
- Your symptoms may last for more than 10 days.
- You may have a high fever.
- Your nasal discharge is yellow or green.
- You have blood in your nasal discharge.


A doctor should be consulted immediately if these symptoms begin to appear. If severe symptoms appear, medical help should be availed right away. Home remedies can generally help cure nasal congestion.
- Use a humidifier or vaporizer.
- Breathe in steam from warm water.
- Drink lots of fluids.
- Use a nasal saline spray.
- Place a warm towel on your face.


Nasal sprays can help reduce the swelling in the nasal passage and help ease the stuffiness and sinus pressure. Antihistamines can be consumed for infections. Painkillers can also be consumed for relieving pain caused by sinus.
For other kinds, consult a physician or an ENT specialist. At mfine we’re here to help you deal with your health issues; come on board for a holistic treatment program.

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