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Both swollen legs: All you need to know about bilateral pedal edema


The accumulation of fluid in the feet and lower part of the legs is known as Pedal edema.

Pedal edema accounts for 80% of the cases of lymphedema [2].

Can be treated by a physician.
May require a clinical examination.
Can be acute (short-term) as well as chronic (long-term).

It can either be unilateral or bilateral. Bilateral edema occurs either due to deep vein thrombosis, sudden heart failure or renal disease. Venous insufficiency, heart failure, drugs, obesity, organ disorder, sitting constantly with legs bent and hypothyroidism are certain other factors that contribute to chronic pedal edema.


Bilateral leg swelling. This can affect walking.
Puffiness of the tissue directly under your skin, especially in your legs or arms.
Skin that retains a dimple (pits), after being pressed for several seconds.


Move the feet and walk occasionally during long travels. The patient is advised to stand on toes and heels alternately, 15 times a day.
To treat edema, you often must treat its underlying cause. For example, allergy medications to treat swelling from allergies; diuretic to treat leg edema related to congestive heart failure or liver disease.
It is vital to consult a health expert to prevent serious consequences. With the help of mfine, you can contact a physicians to help you with an early diagnosis and treatment.

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