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Bilateral Cheek Swelling: Symptoms and Treatment


Bilateral cheek swelling refers to the swelling of both the cheeks or a lump formation on them.

Anaphylaxis and angioedema are two potentially fatal causes of cheek swelling, which should be evaluated immediately.(1)

- Bilateral cheek swelling can affect any age group, from children to adults.
- The causes of bilateral cheek swelling can vary. Common ones are facial injury, accumulation of fluids, allergic reaction, sinusitis, mumps, abscess, side effect of a medication, and recent surgery.
- Laboratory tests can be done to conclude the severity of the condition.
- Some causes can be fatal such as anaphylaxis and drug allergy, which require urgent care.

Prompt medical attention is to be taken in case of a severe allergic reaction or sudden onset of swelling of cheeks accompanied by breathing problems, fever, etc. The treatment for bilateral cheek swelling depends on the causes of swelling, whether it is mild or severe as in an allergic reaction. The treatment may vary from over-the-counter medication to prompt medical attention.


Common symptoms of bilateral cheek swelling include following signs on the face:
- Swollen puffy face
- Hives
- Lumps on cheeks
- Redness
- Rashes
- Nasal Congestion
- Breathing problems
- Dizziness
- Itchy eye
The diagnosis of bilateral cheek swelling varies because of a multitude of causes and symptoms. Differential diagnosis is done to find out the cause and provide for a treatment.


- Cold compresses.
- Avoid allergens such as pollen, certain medication, and culprit foods.
- Applying ointments after consulting a doctor.

Some medication and treatment options for bilateral cheek swelling involves:
- Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication.
- Epinephrine medication (in case of allergies).

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