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All That You Need to Know about Bacterial Pharyngitis


A condition where the pharynx or back of the throat is inflamed. This condition is also known as sore throat.

A common condition with 11 million patients diagnosed in the US annualy.[1]

- Very common condition
- Easily curable
- Diagnosed through physical examination
- Needs medical lab examination in a few cases
- Prevalent in both males and females
- Caused due to bacterial infections

Bacterial pharyngytis is a sore throat caused due to bacterial infection. A person with pharyngitis will experience discomfort in the throat and also find swallowing painful. Other illnesses such as cold and flu can also create this condition. In most of the cases, pharyngitis subsides within a week or ten days.

Ages affected - May occur in children and adults. No particular age group is more vulnerable to this condition.


Self - diagnosable
In most cases, the condition is self-diagnosable. Any symptom of discomfort or scratchiness in the throat area and difficulty in swallowing food should be reported to the doctor.

People may experience
Mild to severe pain in the throat area
Sore, dry and scratchy throat
Mild to severe cough
Exhaustion and fatigue
Low grade fever


Self-care: Drinking plenty of fluids, having warm liquids and broth and using a humidifier helps to ease the condition. Gargling with warm salt water can be done every day until the throat heals.

Medication: The doctor may do a physical examination of the throat area and check your temperature to diagnose if you have pharyngitis. A throat culture may be recommended in some cases. As the condition is caused by bacterial infection, antibiotics may be recommended.

Specialists: Bacterial pharyngitis is curable. At mfine, we can provide you complete support in handling any health issue as well as a holistic health program to maintain good health.

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