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What does generalized swelling of the body indicate?


A serious medical condition categorized by the general swelling of the entire body as a result of abnormal fluid retention in the tissues.

When anasarca is present, it's usually a sign of a major sickness or infection in the body, meaning that it's not to be taken lightly. [1]

- Medical diagnosis by a general physician is enough.
- Affects both men as well as women.
- Lab tests, X – Ray, Stress – Echo test may be required.
- Can be physically painful and discomforting.
Anasarca can manifest due to various conditions and varying severity. The most common causes are extreme malnutrition, cirrhosis, kidney failure, congestive heart failure, pregnancy, menstruation, thyroid dysfunction, POEMS Syndrome, systemic capillary leak syndrome, systemic amyloidosis, eclampsia/preeclampsia or allergic reactions.
Ages Affected – age is not a factor with regards to Anasarca as the swelling itself is a precursor or indicator of other severe medical conditions.


The symptoms include swelling of the entire body with a shiny and stretchy appearance of skin.

People May Experience
Edema: apart from the overall swelling, some parts of the body might display pitting edema (indentation left behind when pressure is applied).
Other: irregular heart rate, fluctuating blood pressure, difficulty walking and breathing.


Anasarca can only be treated after the underlying condition causing the edema has been diagnosed. Doctors prescribe diuretics or albumin if the cause of the swelling is a kidney ailment.
Specialist: Consult a specialist if the condition sustains. At mfine, a holistic treatment approach is followed by the medical experts. Consult the doctor today!

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