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Anal Fistula is the tunnel that goes from inside the anus to anywhere in the skin around it. It occurs from an infection that did not heal. You will need surgery to repair the fistula. A general surgeon is a specialist you require for the treatment of anal fistula.
Anal Fistula Symptoms
There are more than one anal fistula symptoms. According to general surgeons, the common symptoms are:

Anal swelling
Painful bowel moments
Foul smelling liquid coming out from anus

Anal Fistula Causes
There are several glands in the anus that make fluids. If they are blocked, bacteria build up creates pockets of infected tissue. Untreated abscess grows and makes its way outside to make a hole in the skin near anus to drain the gunk inside. In terms of anal fistula causes, fistula is the tunnel connecting the gland to the opening.
Diagnosing Anal Fistula
If the doctor suspects that you have anal fistula, he will take your medical history and get a physical examination. It is important to go for a surgery to cure anal fistula. The good news is that finding a good anal fistula specialist in your city is no longer a hassle. Get all of the details on the website before you go for a direct visit or an online consultation.
Other Diseases Related To Anal Fistula
Crohn’s disease is a condition related to anal fistula. In this disease, the digestive system gets inflamed. Diverticulitis is the infection of the pouches that come out from the sides of your large intestine. Even tuberculosis or HIV can lead to anal fistula or similar conditions.
Treating Anal Fistula
The only anal fistula treatment is surgery as there is no medicine for it. You need to visit a general surgeon to know more about the surgery.

The extensive listing of the top specialists makes finding anal fistula doctors near you really easy. Do not suffer anymore and get the aid of the experienced medical professionals to ease the symptoms. The surgery will make you feel better in no time.

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