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Rashes on limbs? Whats Allergic Purpura ?


A condition with red or purple skin rashes.

Patients can have abdominal pain, gastrointestinal upsets, and painful swollen joints.

  • Treatable by medical professionals

  • Clinically-diagnosed

  • Lab tests and imaging are usually done

  • Short term: gets better in days to weeks
  • AP (Allergic Purpura) starts developing with red rashes or bruises like hives mainly on the legs and buttocks. Bacterial or viral infection results in inflammation of small blood vessels. Rashes keep reoccurring while each rash remains for about five days.

    Ages affected:
    Most affected: 2 - 6 years
    Moderately affected: 7-16 years
    Least affected:17 years and above


    Diagnosed by tests- blood test, urine test, imaging and biopsies

    Rashes are the primary symptoms, while the patient can also experience abdominal pain or affected kidneys.

  • People may experience

  • Rash resembling hives on lower legs, buttocks, knees, and elbows

  • Pain areas: Abdomen, knees & other joint areas

  • Swelling: In knees and ankles

  • Gastric issues: Vomiting, bloody stool or urine

  • Kidney impairment: Mild in most cases, diagnosed by a urine test
  • Treatment

    Self-care: Take plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids.

    Medications: For the joint-pain take over-the-counter pain medicines or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

    Specialists: For determining upon changes in kidney functions, surgery will be necessary if a section of the bowel has folded in upon itself or ruptured. Mfine connects with you the doctor of your choice among the best ones out there, allow us to help you.

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