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Acute recurrent pansinusitis is a condition where the paranasal sinuses are inflamed or infected.
- Severe sinus infection due to fungus
- Mucus trapping germs around sinuses
- Nasal Congestion for days causing swelling and inflammation
- The area around eyes and nose may get swollen
Mostly caused by common cold and in people with weaker immune systems. Can last up to 4–12 weeks. Can be treated with home remedies; however, if left untreated, can lead to severe infection and complications, may also lead to chronic pansinusitis.
Common fact
Ages affected – can affect any person of any age group.


Any of the symptoms including thick yellow or green discharge from the nose or from the throat; nasal congestion; difficulty in breathing; and pain/pressure around the cheeks, eyes, and/or nose can be due to pansinusitis.
People may experience
Pain – nose, cheeks, and eyes; ear pressure
Sense of smell – reduced sense of smell and taste
Cough – severe cough that’s worse at night, green or yellow thick mucus
Bad breath – nasal congestion and obstruction, difficulty in breathing


Self-care: Good rest, cleansing nasal passages using saline solution, drinking plenty of fluids, warm compress to the face reduces irritation.
Medications: Treatment generally depends on the cause of infection. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics and allergy shots for relief from the condition.
Specialists: Consult your healthcare provider in case you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms and get the right treatment for your sinusitis.
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