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Acute lower respiratory infections cause mortality and sickness in both adults and children. From the epidemiological viewpoint, the acute lower respiratory infections include bronchiolitis, pneumonia, influenza, and bronchitis.
Acute Lower Respiratory Infection Symptoms
Acute lower respiratory infections can cause severe symptoms in infants and babies such as follows:

A Cough
A Headache
A Sore Throat
Muscle Pain
Blocked Nose

Acute Lower Respiratory Infection Causes
The cause for the development of acute lower respiratory infection is due to various organisms such as viruses or bacteria.

Bronchiolitis or acute bronchitis is caused by rhinovirus and influenza viruses
Bronchiolitis in infants is caused by the ‘Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)’
Pneumonia in adults is caused by the ‘Streptococcus Pneumonia’ and in small children by ‘Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)’

Pregnancy and Acute Lower Respiratory Infection
There is an association between exposure to moderate air pollution level and the development of lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) and wheezing in early childhood.
Diagnosis of Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
You can find acute lower respiratory infection specialist at mfine who have the expertise to diagnose lower respiratory tract infection by taking a medical history, from the onset of the symptoms and carrying out a thorough physical examination. The diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infection can be confirmed by means of other tests such as pulse oximetry, chest x-ray, blood tests, laboratory tests etc.
Understanding Acute Lower Respiratory Infection (LRTI)
Acute lower respiratory infection includes bronchiolitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and influenza. LRTI is caused by various viruses and bacteria.
Acute Lower Respiratory Infection Treatment
Acute lower respiratory infections can be treated with antibiotics. Bronchitis can be cured with drinking enough fluids and taking adequate rest. Antibiotics are not used in the treatment of bronchitis as they have no effect on viruses.

You can get in touch with eminent general physicians who can offer you the right treatment for influenza. The pediatrician would diagnose the flu based on the medical history or the symptoms of the person.

You can come across adept acute lower respiratory infection doctors near me at mfine.

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