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  • Dr. Tudi Pavan Reddy

    MD (Internal Medicine)

    General Physician

    5 years exp

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  • Dr. Sandeep Reddy Koppula

    MD - Internal Medicine

    General Physician

    5 years exp

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  • Dr. Arun Kumar

    MD - Internal Medicine

    General Physician

    5 years exp

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Consult Top Physicians Online on mfine

When seeking medical care, people usually look for a general physician at first. It is your general physician in Chandigarh who will offer the primary care and then, refer you to a specialist if needed. Finding a physician near you with expertise and training is no longer a hassle thanks to mfine. We are the answer to your query of ‘general physician near me’with our wide range of listings. Avail the advice of the top specialists on our platform through online consultation or direct visit.

What General Physicians do?

Treat Range of Medical Problems: The best general physician in Chandigarh offers treatment for a range of medical conditions.

Comprehensive and Thorough Assessments: Avail an all-encompassing treatment plan with the specialists in the city.

Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment: The experts on our platform offer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for all major ailments.

Primary Level Care: Provide primary level care to treat the diseases before they spread more in the body.

Pre and Post-Operative Advice: General physician online consultation can offer you pre and post-operative advice for a faster recovery.

What We Treat

Types of Fevers: The GPs offer treatment for all types of seasonal and allergic fevers.

Cough and Cold: Come to the GPs on our platform for curing recurring cough and cold.

Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases: Cure endocrine and metabolic diseases through sustained treatment.

Blood Pressure: Regular checkup from an experienced GP will help in keeping your BP under control.

Tummy Aches and Infections: Tummy aches and infections like constipation, diarrheas are common disorders to find treatment under GPs.

Infectious Diseases: Do not leave the infectious diseases without treatment too long and visit the specialists now.

Respiratory Diseases: Respiratory diseases can only get controlled with regular checkups and medication.

Disease of Joints and Limbs: Do not suffer in silence with joint pain. The GPs of our website can help you get back healthy joints and limbs in no time.

Problems like Headache and Migraine: Headaches and migraines will get less frequent with regular checkups from the experienced specialists.

Consult the top ranked GPs in the city on mfine.

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