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  • Dr. Faiyaz Ali - General Physician in Bangalore

  • Dr. Faiyaz Ali

    MD - General Medicine, MRCP, MBBS

    MD - General Medicine, MRCP, MBBS

    General Physician

    38+ years exp

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  • Dr. Belliappa CMA - General Physician in Bangalore

  • Dr. Belliappa CMA

    MD - Aerospace Medicine, DIH, Diploma in Hospital Administration

    MD - Aerospace Medicine, DIH, Diploma in Hospital Administration

    General Physician

    27+ years exp

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  • Dr. S. Ravindra Kumar - General Physician in Hyderabad

  • Dr. S. Ravindra Kumar

    MD- General Medicine

    MD- General Medicine

    General Physician

    26+ years exp

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General Physicians are trained specialists who provide non-surgical health care to patients. They care for serious or unusual medical problems and are ones who continue to see the patient until these problems have resolved. Most of the general physicians see patients in their consulting rooms. Their knowledge differentiates them from other specialists who limit their medical practice to problems involving only one body system of medical knowledge.

What General Physicians Do

General physicians are specialists who are trained to care for patients with complex illnesses. Their unique combination of knowledge, training and skills distinguishes them from other medical specialists. They perform certain functions such as:

  • Treat entire range of medical problems
  • Include info on their comprehensive, expert, and thorough assessments
  • Prevention, accurate diagnosis and treatment
  • Care delivered at a primary level
  • Pre and post operative advice

What We Treat

General Physicians do have a well knowledge of the latest therapies for various diseases. They always upgrade and update themselves with the changing trends in medical science. The knowledge plays a crucial part in solving complex problems and giving the right advice on illnesses a patient might be suffering.

  • Cough, cold, runny nose, throat pain
  • Metabolic diseases and endocrine diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol and obesity
  • Tummy aches, infections like vomiting, constipation, diarrhea and gas
  • Respiratory diseases like asthma, allergies, lung infection, cough, sinusitis, and pneumonia
  • Disease of the joints and limbs, backache
  • Problems like a headache, muscular weakness, migraine and blood pressure

mfine is one perfect platform where you can find the best General Physician in Ahmedabad. Moreover, it also allows you to consult a General Physician in Ahmedabad online through the website. One can completely rely on the General Physician online consultation service provided by us. All you need to do is search ‘General Physician near me’ and the rest will be done by mfine.

So, get connected to the best pediatrician near you with the help of mfine.

Medical Conditions

Abdominal Pain Abnormal Weight Loss Acute Gastritis Acute Lower Respiratory Infection Acute Nasopharyngitis Acute Pharyngitis Acute Sinusitis Acute Tonsillitis Allergic Conjunctivitis Allergic Cough Allergic Rhinitis Allergy Anal Cancer Anal Diseases Anal dysplasia Anal Fistula Anemia Anorectal Abscess Anorectal Anomalies Anorectal Disorders Anorexia Anthrax Anxiety Disorder Aphthous Ulcer Arthritis Asthma Birth Defect Blood in Stool Bronchitis Brucellosis Cancer Cardiovascular Disease Chickenpox Cholera Chronic Idiopathic Constipation Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia Chronic Pancreatitis Circumcision Deep Venous Thrombosis Dengue fever Diarrhea Dyslipidemia Ebola Virus Disease Encephalitis Eosinophilia Fecal Incontinence Fistula Flatulence Gastritis Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Genetic disorder Genital Wart Gynecomastia Headache Hearing Loss Helminthiasis Hemorrhoids Hepatitis Hernia HIV HIV/AIDS Hypercholesterolemia Hyperlipidemia Hypertension Hypertrophy of Breast Hypothyroidism Immunodeficiency Imperforate Anus Infection Infectious Disease Infectious Gastroenteritis and Colitis Influenza Inguinal Hernia Insomnia Irritable Bowel Syndrome Leptospirosis Lipomatosis Lyme Disease Malaria Measles Meningitis Mental disorder Migraine Migraine without Aura Mumps Musculoskeletal Pain Myalgia Neoplasm Non-Cardiac Chest Pain Pain Pedal Edema Perianal Hematoma Piles Pinworm infection Plague Pneumonia Poliomyelitis Proctalgia Fugax Proctitis Pruritus Ani Rabies Rectal Prolapse Rectocele Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Sexually Transmitted Infection Skin Tag Swelling Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Tetanus Tuberculosis Type 1 Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Typhoid fever Urinary Tract Infection Varicella Viral Fever Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Viral Infection Vitamin B Deficiency Vitamin D Deficiency Wheezing Yellow fever
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