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Unspecified obstruction of Eustachian tube: Everything you need to know


Unspecified obstruction of Eustachian tube is the condition when the Eustachian tube is unable to perform its function due to some blockage in it.

Around 4% of adults worldwide are estimated to have a problem of Eustachian tube dysfunction. [1]

- It is a multifactorial condition.
- It affects all ages but is common in young children (1–6 years).
- Obesity, smoking, and allergy increase the risk.
- If untreated, it can lead to hearing loss and cholesteatoma.

Also called- Eustachian tube dysfunction


The symptom mainly includes a feeling of plugged ear. The length of the symptoms usually depends on the causes and factors of the obstruction. If symptoms are ignored, one may suffer from middle ear infection.

People may experience
Pain areas – ear
Ringing sound in the affected ear, i.e. tinnitus
Popping or clicking sensation in the ear
Hearing loss


Self-Care: Avoiding infection, preventing allergies, smoking, practicing yawning, and swallowing exercises

Medications: Over-the-counter pain reliever, oral or nasal decongestant medications, oral corticosteroids, ear drops, and nasal steroids.

Specialists: Consult an ENT specialist or a physician. At mfine, get online consultation from specialists and doctors for all your health issues. Go to mfine today and get started.

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