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What is Primary Biliary Cholangitis?


Biliary Cholangitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of bile duct of liver and is an autoimmune disease of the liver usually seen with other genetic autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, hyperthyroidism, systemic sclerosis, etc.

It is more commonly seen in females than male in the ratio 9:1.

- Requires a medical diagnosis and is a chronic serious condition.
- Lab tests or imaging often required like LFT, Liver enzyme test, an antibody test, ultrasound of the abdomen, MRCP or CT scan of the abdomen, liver biopsy test.
- Can happen to both men and women.
- It is usually chronic and has to be distinguished from other conditions like Autoimmune Hepatitis, hepatic sclerosing disease.

This condition can escalate to easy fatigability, itching of skin with dry skin and dry eyes, as well as lesions around eyes. Moreover, it can also cause jaundice at a later stage due to the increase in bile content.


Self-diagnosable- It is usually rare as you only feel certain symptoms but their differentiation is most importantly be done on a clinical basis.


There is no specific treatment as such but the available treatment can reduce the symptoms and increase life expectancy.

Self Care: Avoid consuming alcohol and eating greasy as well as oily food.
Medication: Ursodeoxycholic acid is usually used in this treatment.
To relieve itching a bile product sequestrant called Cholestyramine.
Multivitamin supplement as bile deficiency causes lack of vitamins A, D, E,K absorption.

Surgical procedures like liver transplant are advised by a medical professional
Specialists: For other kinds, consult a physician or a gynecologist. At mfine, you can find help with different areas of health issues and can also come on board for a holistic treatment program.

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