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Amoebic Colitis: All You Need to Know


Cysts live in the colon due to infectious protozoa.

About 10%-20% of the population is affected by this disease and become sick.

- Related to socioeconomic status and poor sanitation.
- Caused by protozoa and through infection.
- Acute disease if not treated.
- Common in both men and women.
- Starts with abdominal pain

Amoebic colitis is infectious colitis that is commonly seen in tropical and subtropical areas. The main agent causing this infection is a protozoan called Entamoeba histolytica. It lives in the colon in the form of cysts. The common way through which this disease spreads is contaminated food and water.

Ages affected – mostly in children- often – in adults – common – in women


Symptoms include abdominal pain, dysentery, perianal ulceration, colonial wall perforation, toxic megacolon, and ameboma, all of which require consulting a physician.

People may experience
- gastrointestinal bleeding
- Stricture formation
- Bowel perforation
- Intussusception
- Empyema
- Peritonitis



Self-care: Drinking water after boiling or treatment, proper sanitation, using safe food such as vegetables washing before cooking, and general socioeconomic development.

Medications: Rapid diagnosis, adequate treatment of invasive amoebiasis at every stage of health services, antiparasitic therapy, lab investigation such as fecal exam and metronidazole drugs.

Specialists: For conditions as such wherein the disease becomes acute, consult a physician. At mfine we provide extra care for your health issues, and come to see yourself getting treated.

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