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Infertility among couples due to some congenital or due to some acquired complications is now a global problem. Among most of the infertile cases, 40% is due to infertility in men, 40% is due to infertility in women and 20% is due to the complications observed in both the partners. Modern biological science has come up with many methods by which infertile couples can have their own children. There are infertility specialists to whom these couples can go to. And this is where mfine makes your life easier by providing you with the right names of best fertility specialists in Kolkata.

At mfine you find the list of best fertility doctors in Kolkata with whom you can consult online without making appointments and waiting at receptions for long hours. Fertility specialists in Kolkata who are listed at mfine give you the best advice. Nowadays fertility specialists use modern surgery and medical treatments including IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), GIFT (Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer), ZIFT (Zygote IntraFallopian Transfer), TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction) and many more other advanced technologies.

How Fertility Specialists Serve You?

mfine has a selection of the best fertility doctors in Kolkata. Here is what fertility specialists provide you with:

  • Hormonal And Infertility Tests: Fertility specialists in Kolkata usually, do a thorough check-up of both the partners. A test called hysterosalpingogram is done so as to check whether there are any fibroids, polyps or fallopian tube blockage in the female. While sperm counts are taken for the male partner. Hormonal change is also associated with infertility. Therefore hormonal tests are also conducted where progesterone levels are checked to see whether there is adequate ovulation or if there is any problem with the endocrine system. After the problems or infertility issues are detected, infertility treatment is recommended.
  • Counseling: Sometimes infertile couples may need counseling before they undergo treatment and begin their new life by entering parenthood. Fertility specialists in Kolkata held counseling sessions for both the partners individually or as a whole. Some family therapies are also done so that the patient undergoing infertility treatment from his/her family members.
  • Offer Treatment Based On Causes: Fertility doctors recommend treatment according to the needs of the patient. Progesterone levels are checked for ovulation and sperm counts for a male.  For patients who are male sperm are collected from the semen and is injected into the partner’s uterus. For female patients, IVF, GIFT and other such methods are used.

Best fertility specialists in Kolkata are listed by mfine. Fertility specialists try their best and recommend a suitable treatment for the infertility couple. We value our client's trust. Therefore, at mfine, 100% privacy is maintained between the doctor and the patient. All relevant information regarding the patient’s reports and daily progress is kept confidential.

Consult the best fertile specialist in Kolkata at mfine online portal.

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