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Oligomenorrheais said to be the condition in the female where the patient suffers from problems caused due to irregular periods. It is an abnormal irregularity in the normal menstrual cycle causing the person to experience periods at long intervals. Therefore, it is essential to avail the service of an experiencedgynecologist in such situations.
Oligomenorrhea Symptoms
Such a condition is caused mainly when a person misses their periods over a long time or suffers from elongated gaps in between. The Oligomenorrhea symptoms are as follows:

light menstrual flow
Less than nine menstrual periods in a year
Heavy bleeding in between menstrual cycles
Heavy bleeding
Easily broken bones or fractured bones
The 35-day gap between periods
The abnormal gap between menstrual cycles
The unpredictable cycle that can lead to infertility
Pain during or before menstrual periods

Causes of Oligomenorrhea
Many factors can result in such a problem. A few oligomenorrhea causes that affect a woman during menstruation are listed below:

Hormonal imbalance
Use of Oral Contraceptives
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Chronic Illnesses
Lack of Synchronization within the reproduction system and the hormonal glands

Oligomenorrhea and Infertility
Oligomenorrhea is the condition of the female body where she encounters periods over extremely long gaps and may skip few months too. Due to such an irregular cycle, the person may face serious infertility issues and also has the potential to suffer from miscarriages. Other factors like weakened bone structure, heavy bleeding between periods and other such symptoms may accompany such a disease.
Diagnosing Oligomenorrhea
An oligomenorrhea specialist first checks the background history for underlying problems that may potentially cause such an affliction. The gynecologist may also recommend a physical examination along with blood tests and MRI.
Oligomenorrhea Treatment
Oligomenorrhea treatment is mainly dependent on the cause of the affliction in the person, while some problems can be mitigated using regular dietary and excersize reforms, extreme cases require the benefits of medications such as hormonal injections and homeotherapy.

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