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Male Erectile Disorder: How To Treat?


The erectile dysfunction is a very common condition observed in males when they are unable to get or keep the erection for sexual intercourse. It is a commonly observed problem affecting millions of men worldwide.

Approximately, 30 million men are said to be affected by erectile disorder in America alone.(1)

- Although early signs can be seen in the age group 20-40, it affects majorly over the age of 40.
- It is a self-diagnosable disease and does not require any imaging tests.
- It is chronic, and therefore, it can last for a long time.

The chances of getting affected by erectile dysfunction increase with the increasing age.
In some cases, erectile dysfunction can be because of an underlying psychological problem and may lead to stress in a relationship.


People affected with the condition can experience the following:
- The major symptom is the inability to hold the erection during the sexual intercourse.
- Having soft erections
- Trouble getting an erection
- Anxiety

Primary health care provider or even a urologist can prescribe the necessary treatments.


The first step is to treat the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. If that treatment does not work then other treatments and medications can be tried out.

- Regular exercises and aerobics
- Avoiding or quitting tobacco smoking

- Vasodilators that helps to widen the blood vessels can help
- Hormones

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