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Suffering From Being Underweight? Know Your Risks!


A person suffering from severely underweight can know from his/her BMI. If his/her BMI is between 15 and 16, then that person is considered to be severely underweight.
If the BMI is less than 15, then that is clear that person is very severely underweight.

Children suffering from being underweight are vulnerable to risks of bad health status as they grow with cognitive incompetence. [1]

There are different causes for being underweight and some of them are noted below:

1. Hyperthyroidism
2. Cancer
3. Tuberculosis
4. Diabetes
5. HIV/Aids
6. Psychological causes such as depression


Thin people complain of having veiny arms and joints of their bones looking so large. Though these cannot show complete evidence of severely underweight. You need to be concerned with these symptoms:
1. Fragile bones
2. Irregular menstrual periods
3. Pregnancy problems
4. Losing hair(hair loss)
5. Weak immune system
6. Anemia which causes fatigue and dizziness
7. Poor growth and development


If a person is severely underweight, then their first way to overcome this is only by gaining weight.
- Make sure that the process of gaining weight should never be rapid.
- Increase the intake of high-calorie foods such as almonds, sunflower seeds, cheese, etc.
- Though junk food increases your calorie intake, it rather increases fat content in the body which may not be good in future. Therefore, choose high-nutrient food and high-protein meat helps to gain muscle.
- Intake of good fats also helps in gaining weight. Protein bars, crackers with peanut butter during snacks are some of the measures that can be taken.

Depending on the severity of the condition which includes unexplained weight loss and sudden loss of appetite, the nutritional professional or doctor prescribes the patient with required medications.

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