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About Dr. Vasundara Cheepurupalli

Dr. Vasundara Ch is a Gynecologist associated with the KIMS Hospital in Hyderabad. She is an experienced gynecologist in the city, having professional knowledge, expertise and years of practice. She completed her MBBS and subsequently pursued DGO and DNB in Gynecology and Obstetrics. She also completed FMAS and CIMP from reputed medical colleges in India.

Dr. Vasundara Ch at the KIMS Hospital is a Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician. She is also trained in Laparoscopic Surgery.  She is the best gynecologist in Hyderabad providing care and treatment to her patients. She focuses on women’s reproductive health and counsels women to take care of their health and hygiene. She also explains how to detect changes and abnormalities in the body so that timely checkup can be done.

Dr. Vasundara Ch is now available on mfine for gynecologist online consultation.

What does the doctor treat on mfine?

  • Menstrual Disorders: As one of the best gynecologists in Hyderabad, Dr. Vasundara Ch cares for her patients with menstrual disorders. It is a very common complication in women. Irregular periods, heavy bleeding, clotting, spotting between periods, or missed periods may indicate an underlying complication.
  • Abnormal Vaginal Discharge: A foul, smelly, curd-like, watery, runny vaginal discharge indicates an infection. At the very sight of such a condition, it should be reported to a doctor. Go for gynecologist online consultation to know more about the condition and opt for correct diagnosis.
  • Thyroid Issues: Complications of the thyroid gland often affects the menstrual cycle and may also lead to other disorders of the reproductive system. Timely diagnosis is the only key to proper treatment and care.
  • Breast Abnormalities: Any changes observed in the breast size, texture, color of nipples, or growth should be reported to a gynecologist immediately.
  • Pregnancy Planning: Pregnancy planning is an important stage for couples today. Thorough medical examination, proper diagnosis to eradicate complications, and a methodic planning is needed. Dr. Vasundara Ch suggests proper care to her patients planning pregnancy.
  • Women’s Hygiene: Hygiene is the key factor to improve women’s health in all respect. The best way to promote hygiene is to maintain cleanliness. Consult Dr. Vasundara Ch to know more.
Dr. Vasundara Ch is now available for gynecologist online consultation.

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