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Dr. Siddhartha Chakravarthy

General Surgeon

MBBS, MS (Gen Surg), MCH (Endocrine Surgery)

18+ years experience|General Surgeon Consult Now

Registration number : 50879 Telangana State Medical Council, 2004

About Dr. Siddhartha Chakravarthy

"Dr. Siddhartha Chakravarthy Presently working in Apollo Hospitals Jubilee hills since last AssignmentConsultant in Department of Endocrine and Breast Surgery, Christian Medical College, Vellore (2015 to 2018)Senior registrar and Fellow in Department of Endocrine & Breast Surgery, Christian Medical College, Vellore (2012 to 2015)Consultant in Department of Head and Neck and General Surgery: Christian Medical College, Vellore (2010 to 2012)Consultant in Department of General Surgery SMCSI Karakonam Kerala, India. (2009 to 2010) .International Experience: Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney May 2015: One month ICRETT fellowship in the Department of Endocrine Surgery, Royal North Shore Hospital Sydney, Australia; Under the guidance of Dr. Mark Sywak, Dr Stan Sidhu and Prof. Leigh DelbridgeSeoul National University of Health: (April – 2016) : Attended a two weeks workshop on Endoscopic (bilateral axilla and breast approach BABA) and Robotic thyroidectomy in Seoul National University Hospital, Bundang and Samsung Hospital in Seoul Korea.Police General Hospital Bangkok: Experience in transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy under the guidance of Dr.Angkoon Anuwong, who is the pioneer of this procedure. Special Interests Scar-less thyroidectomy (transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach)Thyroid cancerThyrotoxicosis and Graves diseaseMultinodular goitreMinimally invasive Parathyroid surgeryHyperparathyroidismThyroglossal duct cystsBenign breast disease Breast cancerUltrasound of thyroid and ultrasound guided FNAC of thyroid nodulesRetroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy.Consultant Endocrine and Breast surgeonProvides treatment for thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and breast disordersSpecializes in Scarless thyroidectomy Consultant Endocrine and Breast surgeonProvides treatment for thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and breast disordersSpecializes in Scarless thyroidectomy "

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