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Dr. S. Vyjayanthi

Fertility Specialist

MD, DGO, DNB, MRCOG, MSc - Embryology (UK), Sub-Specialist in Reproductive Medicine & Surgery (RCOG,UK), CCT(UK)

27+ years experience|Fertility Specialist Consult Now

Registration number : TSMC 61639

About Dr. S. Vyjayanthi

She is an eminent Fertility specialist with more than huge experience in the field of Fertility and has performed more than 5000 cycles of IVF. She worked in the United Kingdom for ten years and has obtained the prestigious Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at world-renowned centers of excellence in Leeds and London. She has vast experience in all aspects of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and has worked with eminent figures in the field of Fertility in the UK. She is the only clinician in India to have also obtained an MSc in Embryology in order to widen her expertise in this field. She is also among the very few Fertility Specialists in India to have obtained Sub specialty accreditation in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in London which enables one to work as director of IVF unit in the UK. She has 17 publications to her credit in peer-reviewed journals, presented numerous scientific papers at national and international conferences and is also involved in a number of research projects in Reproductive Medicine. She has also given several interviews (invited talks) in TV channels and written news articles regarding fertility in several leading newspapers. She returned to India in 2009 and set up the Fertility Centre, which has within a short span of NINE years, earned the reputation as one of the foremost Fertility centres of excellence in the country. Dr Vyjayanthi has worked with Prof Adam Balen, a world authority on PCOS and Mr Rutherford who is a founder member of British Fertility Society while pursuing her Clinical Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine at Leeds both of whom are leading figures in Infertility in UK. She did her Masters in Clinical Embryology in Leeds University under the supervision of Prof Helen Picton whose research interests are on human oocyte and embryo development. Dr Vyjayanthi has worked on cellular and molecular markers of oocyte quality as her project during her Masters Programme at Leeds and has done a lot of research in this field and has several publications to her credit. Although a clinician, she chose to do Masters in Embryology to get an in depth understanding of embryology which places her at an advantage in counselling couples and guiding them in the right direction. She further worked as SubSpecialty Fellow at St Bartholomew’s Centre for Reproductive Medicine in London for 2 years and has accreditation with RCOG as Sub Specialist in Reproductive Medicine which is essential to work as a Director of IVF unit in UK. She worked with Ms Tozer and Mr Al Shawaf a pioneer in ovarian stimulation and coasting protocols and fertility preservation which helped her further enrich her experience in this field. Dr Vyjayanthi has also successfully completed the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and British Fertility Society certified ‘special skills module’ in Assisted Reproduction, Management of Infertile Couple, Advanced Hysteroscopic Surgery and Transvaginal Ultrasound. She has been practicing Infertility exclusively since 2003 and well experienced in all aspects of reproductive medicine. She is an expert in the management of PCOS, Poor ovarian reserve, Coasting protocols, Recurrent miscarriage, Recurrent Implantation Failure and Fertility Preservation to name a few.

Fertility experts address hormonal imbalances and other reproductive complications in both men and women.

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