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Dr. P. Ranganadham


MCh (Neurosurgery, AIIMS, Delhi)

38+ years experienceNeurosurgeon Consult Now

About Dr. P. Ranganadham

Brain or spinal surgery is a serious case, and you must get in touch with a competent medical professional. Dr. P. Ranganadham is the best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad. If you want to consult with this specialist, then you must book an appointment online on mfine. This senior doctor has almost four decades of experience in neurosurgery.

He is a qualified professional, with excellence certificates from AIIMS. Apart from this, he also has a MCh degree in neurosurgery. With mfine, you can get neurosurgeon online consultation in several hospitals in Hyderabad. Countless patients are thankful to Dr. P. Ranganadham for this treatment. If you require any brain, spinal or pituitary surgery, then search for Dr. P. Ranganadham Sunshine Hospital on mfine.

Services Offered on mfine

Brain surgery – Patients with brain dysfunction or tumor require surgery. Brain and spinal surgery is a complex procedure. One mistake can be fatal for the patients. Most medical experts will suggest a consultation with Dr. P. Ranganadham neurosurgeon for conclusive analysis.

Head injury detection – Accidents may lead to internal head injuries. Proper detection is very important for the wellbeing of the patient. Dr. P. Ranganadham neurosurgeon successfully detected and treated thousands of such cases in his career. On mfine, you will get details about his consultation timings.

Internal hemorrhage treatment – Some head injuries cause internal bleeding. If the blood clots in the brain, then it will have negative effects. Thanks to competent neurosurgeons, you can avert this. The doctor will suggest some clinical tests after the neurosurgeon online consultation. Pituitary therapy – Many people approach Dr. P. Ranganadham Sunshine Hospital with pituitary malfunctions. Some conditions are curable with medicines, while others require operation. If you have such medical condition, then Dr. P. Ranganadham is the best pituitary surgeon in the city.

Craniotomies treatment – Sometimes, doctors need to remove a part of the patient’s skull. This is a rather complex procedure, and only the best neurosurgeon in Hyderabad can pull it off successfully. It is here that you require expertise of doctors like Dr. P. Ranganadham.

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  • Sunshine Hospitals

    7-56/19, Dargah Road, LIG Chitrapuri Colony, Prashant Hills, Rai Durg, Telangana 500032, Near Vaishnoi Honda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032 Phone 081005 06070

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