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Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda


MD- General Medicine, DM (Gastro) (PGI)

34+ years experienceGastroenterologist Consult Now

About Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda

One of the best Gastroenterologists in Hyderabad, doctor Nagarjuna Yarlagadda is among the most renowned professionals in the field of Medical Science. He is a professional expert in anything related to gastronomy. With an experience over 33 years in the medical line up, Dr. Nagarjuna has a wide variety of skills he uses in properly diagnosing the problem and treating diseases in patients.

Dr Nagarjuna Yarlagadda is a prominent gastroenterologist in Hyderabad and has dealt with numerous critical cases in the past. Due to the success rate and positive reviews by the patient, he has gained a lot of renown and respect. With an MD in General Medicine and DM in gastro and PGI, Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda holds the proper and relevant skills to treat such problems and afflictions of the body. At present, Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda practices currently at Sunshine Hospital.

Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda – Treatment Provided on mfine

Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda also offers services through physician online consultation on mfine. It deals with the following problems of the patient efficiently:

  • EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasound): he is skilled in both diagnostic and Therapeutic procedures of treating complex problems in the patient.
  • Endoscopic variceal band ligation: As a highly skilled professional, he can easily and swiftly treat problems such as enlarged veins in the esophagus, the tube connecting the throat to the stomach, etc.
  • Metabolic and Endocrine Diseases: Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda is an expert in the treatment of various endocrine and metabolic diseases which can cause harm to the body.
  • Indigestions and Infections: As an experienced doctor, he will offer you a full diagnosis of the problems and offer treatment accordingly for such an affliction.
  • Infectious and Gastronomic Diseases: with the proper training and skills under his belt, Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda is adept in dealing with such complex problems.
Dr. Nagarjuna Yarlagadda, is not only a well-known professional in the field of Gastroenterology, but also a prominent figure in teaching at reputed institutions. Therefore, avail his services at mfine to find the best cure to your problems at mfine.
Fees: Starting from Rs.499 - 1st Consultation Free

Hospitals Associated with

  • Sunshine Hospitals

    7-56/19, Dargah Road, LIG Chitrapuri Colony, Prashant Hills, Rai Durg, Telangana 500032, Near Vaishnoi Honda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032 Phone 081005 06070

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Medical Conditions

Abdominal PainAcid Base ImbalanceAcid indigestionAcid Peptic DiseaseAcute GastritisAcute gastritis with bleedingAcute gastritis without bleedingAcute hepatitis BAcute PancreatitisAmoebic ColitisAnoscopyBacterial Intestinal InfectionBarium EnemaBiliary Tract DiseaseBowel IrregularitiesCalculus of Gallbladder With Acute Cholecystitis Without ObstructionCholelithiasisChronic Atrophic GastritisChronic Hepatitis B Infection Without Delta AgentChronic ileocolitisChronic Viral Hepatitis CCirrhosisColitisColposcopyColposcopy and Cervical BiopsyConstipationCrigler-Najjar SyndromeCrohn DiseaseCrohns disease of large intestine without complicationsDiarrheaDigital Rectal Examination (DRE)Duodenal ulcerDuodenitisElevated Liver EnzymesEndoscopic Retrograde CholangiopancreatographyEnterocolitisErosive DuodenitisErosive GastritisExaggerated gastro colic refluxFatty Infiltration of LiverFatty LiverFlatulenceFunctional dyspepsiaGallbladder polypGastric Polyp With DuodenitisGastritisGastro-esophageal reflux diseaseGERD Grade 3GiardiasisGilbert syndromeGrade1 Fatty LiverH.Pylori GastritisHelicobacter pyloriHEPATIC DISEASEHepatic diseases / Liver diseasesHepatic InfectionHepatomegalyHepatomegaly not elsewhere classifiedHyperacidityHyperbilirubinemiaIBDIndeterminate colitisInfectious Gastroenteritis and ColitisInflammatory Bowel DiseaseIntestinal ColicIrritable Bowel SyndromeJaundiceLeft Lower Abdominal painMallory Weiss tearmicroscopic colitisMild GastritisMixed irritable bowel syndromeNon Ulcer DyspepsiaNon-celiac gluten sensitivityNorwalk virusObstetric CholestasisObstruction of DuodenumOther cirrhosis of liverPeptic UlcerPercutaneous Transhepatic CholangiographyPortal CavernomaRadionuclide scanningSecondary esophageal varicesStomach FluTrichomonal VulvovaginitisUlcerative colitisUpper EndoscopyWhat is CholecystectomyWhat is ColonoscopyWilsons Disease




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