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B.Sc.- Nutrition and Dietetics, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics

8+ years experience|Dietitian Consult Now

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About Dt. Abhilasha V

Dt. Abhilasha is a qualified dietitian associated with the Cloudnine Hospital, Bangalore. She has over 8 years experience as a Clinical Nutritionist and is now available for dietitian online consultation. Dt. Abhilasha, the dietitian, completed her Post Graduation from the Manipal University and Postgraduate Specialization in Pediatric Nutrition from IGNOU. She received her training at the Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, as an intern. Dt. Abhilasha is Cloudnine Hospital dietitian prior to which she was working with the Columbia Asia Hospital for over 3 years. She is experienced in handling multi-specialty cases. Outstanding knowledge, years of experience, and continuous education makes Dt. Abhilasha the best dietitian in Bangalore today. Apart from dietary counseling, she is experienced in handling medical conditions like food allergies, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, kidney disorders, gestational diabetes, PCOS, gout etc. Her areas of expertise primarily include critical care nutrition, pediatric nutrition, maternal nutrition, and public health nutrition.

What does she treat on mfine?

  • Lifestyle & Nutritional Needs: Nutritional needs vary according to lifestyle. Dt. Abhilasha dietitian suggests nutritional intake keeping in mind the lifestyle of individuals.
  • Food Allergies & Intolerances: Good allergies are very common. Based on the symptoms of patients, Dt. Abhilasha at Cloudnine Hospital determines the allergens and intolerances of patients and suggests diet plans.
  • Weight Loss: As obesity has taken the shape of an epidemic, weight loss is a primary goal for many people. Dietitian online consultation is the easiest way to get weight loss advice from the best dietitian in Bangalore.
  • Diet Specific to Diseases: There are diet plans specific to diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Dt. Abhilasha takes in to account the condition of patients and provides diet guidelines to meet their nutritional needs.
  • Pregnancy Diet: Pregnancy diet also varies from case to case. As per requirement, Dt. Abhilasha offers dietitian online consultation on mfine.
  • Overall Wellness: From the digestive health to heart health, everything depends on a healthy and nutritious diet. Get the best advice from Dt. Abhilasha of Cloudnine Hospital.
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