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About Dr. Yeshoda K.N.

Dr. Yeshoda K.N is a consultant Obstetrician-Gynecologist in Vijayanagar. She is now practicing at the Telerad RxDx Healthcare, Bellandur, Bangalore.

Dr. Yeshoda gynecologist is qualified and trained in obstetrics. Her areas of expertise include Colposcopy, Abortion, Hysterectomy, Hysteroscopy, Infertility Treatment, Menopause Problems, Vaginal Discharge, Abdominal Pain etc.

Dr. Yeshoda of Telerad RxDx Healthcare is considered the best gynecologist in Bangalore today. She has the experience and expertise in her field of practice. She is now available for gynecologist online consultation on mfine.

What does the doctor treat on mfine?

  • Menstrual Problems: Dr. Yeshoda, a gynecologist, specializes in women’s health care. She delivers preliminary care to women suffering from prolonged menstrual problems such as abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, irregular periods, missed periods, spotting etc.
  • Abnormal Vaginal Discharge: Vaginal discharge with bad odor is a sign of infection. Dr. Yeshosha of Telerad RxDx Healthcare provides online consultation to patients related to these problems.
  • Thyroid Problem: The thyroid gland is directly related to women’s health. When the thyroid gland does not function properly, it may cause serious symptoms like heavy bleeding. Dr. Yeshoda delivers proper thyroid care.
  • Pregnancy Planning: Want to plan your family? Choose gynecologist online consultation with Dr. Yeshoda. She is the best gynecologist in Bangalore you can consult online.
  • Infertility: Dr. Yeshoda has extensive knowledge of infertility care. She is well versed with the latest IVF techniques, which helps women, conceive and have a family.
  • Breast Abnormalities: Hormonal imbalances often lead to breast abnormalities, change in shape and size, and even pain. However, some changes may be a sign of cancer. It is always advised to see a gynecologist if any such change is observed.
  • Women’s Health and Hygiene: Women’s health depends a lot on hygiene and care. Dr. Yeshoda is a reputed gynecologist who advised women to take care of their hygiene and health.
  • Menopause: With menopause come many changes that are difficult to accept. Proper counseling is the best way to cope up with the symptoms and manage menopause.
For gynecologist online consultation on mfine, book your appointment with Dr. Yeshoda.

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