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Dr. Syed Hidayathulla


MRCGP (UK), M.B.B.S, Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine

24+ years experience|DermatologistConsult Now

Registration number : KMC 41807

About Dr. Syed Hidayathulla

Dr. Syed Hidayathulla is a Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, and General Physician at the Primecare Hospital in Frazer Town, Bangalore. He has more than 21 years experience in these respective fields. He is the best dermatologist in Bangalore, providing latest cosmetic treatments and skin care solutions to his patients.

Dr. Syed Hidayathulla completed MBBS from Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College in 1995. He completed MRCGP from Royal College of General Practitioners in London in 2007. With several years of experience, continuous education and the use of latest technologies, Dr. Syed Hidayathulla of Primecare Hospital is now the most trusted name in Bangalore.

Some of the advanced services provided by Dr. Syed Hidayathulla include Mole Excision, Lipoma Excision, Sebaceous Cyst Excision, Toenail Removal and Histo-Freezing.

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What does the doctor treat on mfine?

  • Skin Infections: Dr. Syed Hidayathulla specializes in treating all kinds of skin infections. With his vast knowledge and several years of experience, he offers relief to patients suffering from chronic skin conditions and infections such as ringworms, rashes, itchy skin etc.
  • Acne & Pimples: Acne and pimples are the worst of skin conditions that need extensive treatment and care. Often times, the cause of acne are not the skin but hormonal imbalances and other internal problems. As such, it is crucial to determine the right condition and deliver proper treatment.
  • Skin Spots: Skin spots are not just age-related; it may happen due to melanin too. Dr. Syed Hidayathulla detects the type of skin spot and provides excellent treatment to his patients.
  • Hyperpigmentation: Hyperpigmentation makes the skin dull and lifeless. Proper holistic skin care and treatment can give your skin a new lease of life.
  • Dark Circles: Dark circles are allegedly related to lack of sleep. However, there may be other causes related to the skin as well. Dr. Syed Hidayathulla, a dermatologist, provides necessary care to patients with dark circles.
  • Hair Problems: Dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning, and graying are some of the common hair problems women and men deal with. You can get the best advice from Dr. Syed Hidayathulla.
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Hospitals Associated with

  • Primecare Hospital

    158, MM Road, Pulikeshi Nagar, Chichabas Taj, Frazer Town, Bangalore - 560005 Phone 8047004700

  • Royal Bangalore Hospital

    Y4 Heights No 7M -235, 7th Main, 80 Feet Road, HRBR 2nd Block, Corporation Bank, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore - 560043 Phone 076248 48230

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Medical Conditions

Abrasions On FaceAbscessAbscess near the nail bedAcanthosis NigricansAcneAcne ComedonesAcne keloidalisAcne Keloidalis NuchaeAcne RosaceaAcne ScarsAcne VulgarisAcne Vulgaris Grade 1 to Grade 2Acneiform Eruption MiliaAcneiform eruptionsAcrochordonAcute abdomen painAcute ParonychiaAllergic Contact DermatitisAlopeciaAndrogenic AlopeciaChicken Pox ScarsChloasma (Melasma)EczemaFemale Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL)Fissure FeetFocal HyperhidrosisFollicular DisorderFolliculitisFolliculitis in a NutshellFolliculitis In A Nutshell FINALFolliculitis under armForefoot DermatitisFungal Skin InfectionsGeneralized xerosisGenital Lichen PlanusGenital ScabiesGenital WartGrade 4 acneGranuloma annulareHair color and Hair shaft abnormalitiesHair fallHair fall (inv)Hair LossHeat BoilsHerpes labialisHormonal acneHyperkeratosis and Fissures - solesHyperpigmentation after injuryHyperpigmentation lower lipsHyperpigmentation of facial skinHypertrophic ScarsHypopigmentation for EvaluationHypopigmentation patch over rt forearmHypopigmentation spotsIdiopathic guttate hypomelanosisImpetigoInfantile rashinfantileacneIntertrigo grionIntrinsic (allergic) eczemaIrritant Contact DermatitiskeloidsKeratoderma in diseases classified elsewhereKeratolysis exfoliativaKeratosis pilarisNevus non-neoplasticPeriorbital HyperpigmentationPost Inflammatory HyperpigmentationPost-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation of AcnePrickly HeatPsoriasis VulgarisSebborheic capitisSeborrheic DermatitisSkin TagStriae RubraeTelogen EffluviumTinea CorporisTinea CrurisUnderstanding the Basics of Comedonal acneUrticaria
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