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Dr. Sunil Keshu


MBBS, Post Graduate Diploma in Health Administration (PGDHA), HSE

22+ years experience|General PhysicianConsult Now

Registration number : KMC 40520

About Dr. Sunil Keshu

Some disease demand specialist’s attention. But fever, flue and general infections don’t fall in this category. For such disease, a consultation with a general physician is all you need. With mfine, your search for competent general physicians will end. Many patients opt for a consultation with Dr. Sunil Keshu general physician for their medical needs.

He practices general medicine for more than 22 years. He has MBBS and HSE degrees. He also has a diploma degree in health administration. You can get necessary details about Dr. Sunil Keshu Telerad RxDx Healthcare through mfine.

Services Offered On mfine

Common Disease Detection – Kids and aged people often fall ill during seasonal transitions. Dr. Sunil Keshu general physician will prescribe medicines to treat these ailments.

Report Analysis – Reputed general physicians suggest clinical tests for better diagnosis. Dr. Sunil Keshu is excellent at analyzing test reports. If you want to consult with him, then book an appointment through mfine.

Treats Endocrine Ailments – Many patients come to Dr. Sunil with thyroid dysfunction. Consult with Dr. Sunil Keshu Telerad RxDx Healthcare for endocrine treatment. His qualification and experience allows him to detect the actual cause of your endocrine dysfunction.

Prevents Spread of Stomach Infection – Stomach ulcers, indigestion, bile duct disorder and other similar infections demand immediate treatment. You must consult with the best general physician in Bangalore for correct treatment. Experienced professionals like Dr. Sunil will offer speedy recovery with proper medicines.

Medications for Respiratory Issues – Immediate general physician online consultation is necessary for respiratory infection treatment. Medical delay intensifies the contagion.

Muscle and Bone Health – Muscle sprain and bone ache are common complains that Dr. Sunil Keshu comes across on a daily basis. If you have the same problem, then book an appointment on mfine immediately.

Physical Weakness Treatment – Many people suffer from general weakness. Lack of vitamins, minerals and other substances cause this. Only the experienced eyes of the best general physician in Bangalore can detect the subtle symptoms. Dr. Sunil Keshu will diagnose the main cause and prescribe medicines for quick recovery.

Preventive Suggestions – Patients can easily prevent common diseases. They just need to follow some preventive measures. If you don’t have access to such tips, then consult with Dr. Sunil Keshu today. Apart from medicines, he also highlights tips, which will keep you safe from these ailments.

You may check professional profiles of several doctors on mfine. After selection, mfine also allows you to book a general physician online consultation easily.

Fees: Starting from Rs.499 - 1st Consultation Free

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  • RxDx Healthcare

    Site Number 34/1 B, First Floor, Belathur Village, Kadugodi Post, Bangalore 560067, Sai Baba Ashram, Kadugodi, Bangalore - 560067 Phone 080 4926 1111

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Medical Conditions

Abdominal BloatingAbdominal PainAbnormal SputumAbnormal Weight LossAbnormalities of BreathingAccidental bite by another personAcute bronchiolitisAcute BronchitisAcute Coronary SyndromeAcute Embolism and ThrombosisAcute febrile illnessAcute GastritisAcute HemorrhoidsAcute Hepatitis EAcute LaryngotracheitisAcute Lower Respiratory InfectionAcute NasopharyngitisAcute PharyngitisAcute ProstatitisAcute Recurrent Maxillary SinusitisAcute Recurrent PansinusitisAcute recurrent tonsillitisAcute Respiratory InfectionAcute SinusitisAcute TonsillitisAlcohol-related disordersAlcoholic hepatitisAlcoholic Liver DiseaseAllergic airway diseaseAllergic BronchitisAllergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosisAllergic ConjunctivitisAllergic CoughAllergic PharyngitisAllergic RhinitisAllergyAnal CancerAnal DiseasesAnal dysplasiaAnal FistulaAnemiaAnorectal AbscessAnorectal AnomaliesAnorectal DisordersAnorexiaAnthraxAnxiety DisorderAphthous UlcerArthritisAsthmaBirth DefectBlood in StoolBronchitisBronchopneumoniaBrucellosisCancerCardiovascular DiseaseChickenpoxCholeraChronic Idiopathic ConstipationChronic Lymphoid LeukemiaChronic PancreatitisChronic TonsillitisCircumcisionDeep Venous ThrombosisDengue feverDentalDiarrheaDyslipidemiaEbola Virus DiseaseEncephalitisEosinophiliaFecal IncontinenceFeverFibromyalgiaFilariasisFinger nail injury to NoseFistulaFlank painFlatulenceFood and waterborne illnessFood IntoleranceFood PoisoningFunctional Bowel Problemsfungal infectionFuruncle HandFuruncle of Other SitesFuruncle UnspecifiedGastritisGastritis induced vertigoGastroesophageal RefluxGastroesophageal Reflux DiseaseGeneralised BodyachesGeneralised HyperhidrosisGeneralized Edema for EvaluationGenetic disorderGenital WartGeographic TongueGERDGERD 27 DECGiddinessGluten Sensitive EnteropathyGuillain Barre SyndromeGynecomastiaH1N1H1N1 FluH5N1H7N9HalitosisHashimotos diseaseHeadacheHearing LossHelminthiasisHematemesisHematoma of tongue-Rare Medical Condition Of TongueHemochromatosisHemoglobin AbnormalitiesHemoglobin E DiseaseHemoglobin SHemoglobinopathyHemoptysis Treatment Methods AvailableHemorrhoidsHepatitisHEPATOLENTICULAR DEGENERATIONHereditary hemochromatosisHerniaHerpes genitalisHerpes infection with Eryrhema multiformHerpes infection with Erythema multiformeHerpes viral infectionHidradentis supparativaHigh Blood PressureHIVHIV/AIDSHypercholesterolemiaHyperchylomicronemiahyperhidorsisHyperkalemiaHyperlipidemiaHyperpigmentation of both axillaHyperpigmentation of NailsHyperprolactinemiaHypertensionHypertrophy of BreastHypo-osmolality and hyponatremiaHypocalcemiaHypotension When Should You WorryHypothyroidismHypovitaminosis DImmunethrombocytopeniaImmunodeficiencyImmunotherapyImperforate AnusInfectionInfectious DiseaseInfectious Gastroenteritis and ColitisInfluenzaInfluenza AInfluenza BInguinal HerniaInsect bite reaction due to bedbugInsomniaIron deficiency anemia secondary to blood loss (chronic)Iron Overload DiseaseIrritable Bowel SyndromeLAB TEST- Complete Blood CountLAB TEST- Prothrombin TestsLeptospirosisLipomatosisLyme DiseaseMalariaMeaslesMeningitisMental disorderMigraineMigraine without AuraMumpsMuscular DystrophyMusculoskeletal PainMyalgiaNeoplasmNon-Cardiac Chest PainPainPedal EdemaPerianal AbscessPerianal HematomaPilesPinworm infectionPlaguePneumoniaPoliomyelitisProctalgia FugaxProctitisPruritus AniRabiesRectal ProlapseRectoceleSevere Acute Respiratory SyndromeSexually Transmitted InfectionSkin TagStriae atrophicaeSwellingSystemic Lupus ErythematosusTetanusTuberculosisType 1 DiabetesType 2 Diabetes MellitusTyphoid feverUrinary Tract InfectionVaricellaViral FeverViral Hemorrhagic FeverViral InfectionVitamin B DeficiencyVitamin D DeficiencyWheezingYellow fever
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