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Dr. Shiraz Ahmed

General Surgeon

MS - General Surgery, MBBS

11+ years experience|General Surgeon Consult Now

Registration number : KMC 80022

About Dr. Shiraz Ahmed

Some disease require more than medicines to cure completely. A quick consultation with good general surgeons will solve your problems. There are several qualified general surgeons on mfine. But most people in Bangalore try to attain a consultation with Dr. Shiraz Ahmed general surgeon. He performed innumerable successful operations for past nine years.

Dr. Shiraz Ahmed Primecare Hospital is a qualified professional. Apart from Primecare Hospital, he also practices in Primecare Consultancy Clinic. He has a Master of Surgery (MS) degree, along with the MBBS certification.

Services Offered on mfine

Pre-operative treatment – Doctors suggest surgery as a last resort. A common patient may not understand the situation fully. It is here that a reputed general surgeon steps in. Dr. Shiraz Ahmed is the best general Surgeon in Bangalore. He will check the patient’s condition, and prescribe pre-operative care routine.

Report analysis – Dr. Shiraz examines the physical symptom of all patients. He also suggests several tests. He analyzes these test reports, and gets a clear idea about the patient’s condition. Then he concludes whether an operation is necessary or not.

Post-operative treatment – Once the operation is complete, the patients require added medical care. Dr. Shiraz Ahmed general surgeon will prescribe medicines, which will speed-up the post-operative recovery. He also keeps an eye on the patient’s development with regular check-ups. This also allows him to realize the necessity of post-operative therapy.

Colorectal treatment – Patients with colon or rectum issues also opt for general surgeon online consultation on mfine. He specializes in such treatments as well. Abnormal growths in the rectum require surgery. Dr. Shiraz Ahmed suggests an operation, if medicines fail produce positive results.

Gallstone removal – If you have gallbladder stone, then you need the assistance of a good surgeon. It is easy to attain information about the best general surgeon in Bangalore on mfine. Most specialists use modern technology, and advanced machines to operate on patients.

Hernia operation – Both men and women may develop a hernia. Surgery is the only way to remove the issue permanently. One appointment with Dr. Shiraz Ahmed Primecare Hospital is all you require to fully comprehend your medical condition.

mfine makes it really easy for patients to finalize general surgeon online consultation with a few clicks.

Fees: Starting from Rs.499 - 1st Consultation Free

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