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Dr. Shameena Syed


MBBS, DcD (Cardiff), Msc Dermatology (UK)

10+ years experience|Dermatologist Consult Now

Registration number : MCI 09/35900

About Dr. Shameena Syed

Dr. Shameena Syed is a Dermatologist associated with the Kosmoderma Skin & Hair Clinics in Bangalore. She is one of the best dermatologists in Bangalore today, having extensive experience in all kinds of dermatological treatments and solutions.

Dr. Shameena Syed graduated from the Tribhuvan University. She completed her DCD and MSc in Clinical Dermatology at the Welsh Institute of Dermatology, Glamorgan House in the University Hospitals of Wales, Cardiff, UK. She is versatile in her field and trained in general outpatient dermatology clinics in Cardiff as well as in other hospitals in Wales like Princes of Wales Hospital, Neath Port Hospital, Prince Charles Hospital, Royal Gwent Hospital, Cardiff Royal Infirmary, University of Wales Hospital and Llandough Hospital. This extensive training has helped improve her observation and work with a wide range of skin conditions common in the European population.

Her special areas of interest include cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic indications and hair disorders. On mfine, you can opt for dermatologist online consultation with Dr. Shameena Syed.

What does the doctor treat on mfine?

  • Cosmetic Skin Problems: Advanced technology makes cosmetic care a possibility today. It is the best way to get back flawless skin with the help of latest technology. Dr. Shameena Syed of Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics specializes in all kind of cosmetic skin care solutions.
  • Skin Infections: Skin infections, rashes, itchy skin, dry skin, or flaky skin needs extensive care and treatment. Consult Dr. Shameena Syed, Dermatologist, for a quick and easy solution.
  • Acne & Pimples: Nobody wants to have acne or pimples ever, but it happens. Due to pollution, improper skin care, poor diet, lack of hygiene, and stress are some of the main reasons for acne. In addition, hormonal imbalances could be responsible too. The best way to care for pimply and acne-prone skin is to see a dermatologist.
  • Aging Skin: Skin starts aging rapidly after 30. Factors affecting the skin include lack of sleep, poor nutrition, sun damage etc. The only way to improve your skin, eliminate signs of hyperpigmentation, remove wrinkles and freckles, and reduce age spots is through proper and routines skin care.
  • Hair Care: Hair fall, thinning, graying, and dandruff can also be treated with the right medicine and lifestyle changes.
Learn more about skin care during a dermatologist online consultation on mfine. Dr. Shameena Syed of Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics is now available on mfine.

Fees: Starting from Rs.499 - 1st Consultation Free

Hospitals Associated with

  • Kosmoderma Skin Clinic

  • Kosmoderma Skin Clinic

    3rd Cross Rd, Defence Colony, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008, ESI Hospital, Indiranagar, Bengaluru - 560008 Phone 76767 57575

  • Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics

  • Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics

    #3, CNS Tower, Ground Floor, 185 Thubharahalli next to ItsyBitsy, Varthur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066, Opposite Palm Meadows, Marathahalli, Bengaluru - 56066 Phone 076767 57575

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Medical Conditions

Abrasions On FaceAbscessAbscess near the nail bedAcanthosis NigricansAcneAcne ComedonesAcne keloidalisAcne Keloidalis NuchaeAcne RosaceaAcne ScarsAcne VulgarisAcne Vulgaris Grade 1 to Grade 2Acneiform Eruption MiliaAcneiform eruptionsAcrochordonAcute abdomen painAcute ParonychiaAdult Atopic EczemaAllergic Contact DermatitisAllergic EczemaAllergic UrticariaAlopeciaAlopecia AreataAlopecia barbaeAlopecia totalisAlopecia UniversalisAndrogenetic alopeciaAndrogenic AlopeciaAnogenitalApocrine MiliariaAshy DermatosisAsteatotic DermatitisAtopic DermatitisAtrophic Scars And What You Need to KnowBasal cell carcinoma of skin unspecified parts of faceBasic Causes for Your Hyperpigmentation of LipsBecker's NevusBecker’s Nevus: Pigmentation during pubertyBenign Melanocytic Nevi:Benign NevusChicken Pox ScarsChloasmaChloasma (Melasma)Chronic dermatitisChronic eczemaChronic Telogen Effluviumcomedonal acneComedonesComplications of Acne ScarringCrows FeetDandruffDark LipsDarkening of the lipsDepressed ScarDermatitisDermatitis herpetiformisDermatophytosisDermatosis Papulosa Nigradermatosis papulosa nigricansDesquamation of SkinDiaper DermatitisDiffuse Cutaneous SclerodermaDiffuse unpatterned AlopeciaDiscoloration of lips Occur ?Dry skinDyshidrotic EczemaEczemaEczema with some tineaEpidermal NevusErythema NodosumErythematous ScarsExcessive hair growthExfoliative DermatitisExfoliative KeratolysisExtensive dermatophytosisExtensive Tinea CorporisFace PigmentationFacial Acanthosis NigricansFacial MiliaFemale pattern baldnessFemale Pattern for Hair Loss (FPHL)Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL)Female patterns baldnessFissure FeetFocal HyperhidrosisFollicular DisorderFolliculitisFolliculitis in a NutshellFolliculitis In A Nutshell FINALFolliculitis under armForefoot DermatitisfrecklesFungal Skin InfectionsGeneralized xerosisGenital Lichen PlanusGenital ScabiesGenital WartGrade 4 acneGranuloma annulareHair color and Hair shaft abnormalitiesHair fallHair fall (inv)Hair LossHeat BoilsHerpes labialisHormonal acneHyperkeratosis and Fissures - solesHyperpigmentation after injuryHyperpigmentation And Its CausesHyperpigmentation lower lipsHyperpigmentation of facial skinHypersensitivity skinHypertrophic ScarsHypopigmentation for EvaluationHypopigmentation patch over rt forearmHypopigmentation spotsIdiopathic guttate hypomelanosisImpetigoInfantile rashinfantileacneIntertrigo grionIntrinsic (allergic) eczemaIrritant Contact DermatitiskeloidsKeratoderma in diseases classified elsewhereKeratolysis exfoliativaKeratosis pilarisLamellar ichthyosislentigeneLentiginesLesion ScalpLichen nitidusLichen planopilarisLichen planus nailLichen sclerosusLinear sclerodermaLinear verrucous epidermal nevuslip lick dermatitisLocalized HyperhidrosisLocalized SclerodermaMacular AmyloidosisMale pattern baldnessMelasmaMilia on the skinMiliaria CrystallinaMolesMorpheamucosal vitiligoMycosisNaevusNail PigmentationNail pigmentation for evaluationNail PsoriasisNevus AnemicusNevus non-neoplasticNevus of OtaNummular Eczemaoily skinOnychomycosisOther benign neoplasms of skinOther Seborrheic DermatitisPachyonychia Congenita TardaPaederus DermatitisPalmar Keratodermapalmar peeling syndromePalmoplantar KeratodermaPalmoplantar psoriasisPapular UrticariaPediculosis and PhthiriasisPediculosis CapitisPediculosis CorporisPediculosis human capitispediculosis pubisPeriocular melanosisPerioral DermatitisPerioral HyperpigmentationPeriorbital HyperpigmentationPeriorbital MelanosisPhotodermatitisPhotomelanosisPhotosensitivityPigmentationPIHPityriasis AlbaPityriasis CapitisPityriasis folliculitisPityriasis Lichenoides ChronicaPityriasis RoseaPityriasis VersicolorPityrosporum FolliculitisPlantar PsoriasisPMLEPMLE SuspectedPolymorphic Light EruptionPost acne scarringPost Burns ScarPost Inflammatory HyperpigmentationPost inflammatory hypo pigmentationPost Inflammatory ScarPost Inflammatory ScarringPost trauma scarPost-accident scarringPost-acne Scarring Of FacePost-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation of Acnepost-traumatic hyperpigmentationPremature greyingPrickly HeatPrurigoPrurigo NodularisPrurigo SimplexPruritic RashPruritusPruritus of genital areaPseudofolliculitis BarbaePsoriasis VulgarispytiriasisRing wormScabiesScalp folliculitisScalp PsoriasisScanty Hair GrowthScar from stitchSchambergs diseasesScrotal DermatitisSebborheic capitisSebopsoriasisSeborrheic DermatitisSeborrheic Dermatitis CapitisSkin burnSkin Peeling of palm and feetSkin TagSkin tanSkin WhiteningSolar UrticariaSpotted A ScabiesSteriod Induced Stretch MarksSteroid acneSteroid induced DermatitisstraieStretch Marks On BodyStriae LineaStriae RubraeSubacute Cutaneous LupusSunburnSuspected folliculitisSuspected MelasmaSuspected RingwormSuspected Seborrhoeic DermatitisSuspected Secondary HyperhidrosisSweets SyndromeTanning of SkinTear trough hollowingTeenage AcneTelogen EffluviumTenia CrurisThe Effects and Causes of Alopecia AreataTick Infestation from Pet DogsTinea CapitisTinea capitis scalpTinea CorporisTinea CrurisTinea facieiTinea IncognitoTinea ManuumTinea UnguiumTinea versicolorTopical steroid dependant faceTraction AlopeciaUnderstanding the Basics of Comedonal acneUnspecified Rosacea Proper Skin Care And MedicationUrticariaviral exanthemaViral ExanthemsViral rashViral wartsViral Warts Summarizing The FactsViralrashVitiligoVitiligo VulgarisWhat Is Lichen Planus PigmentosusWhite ComedonesWinter EczemaXanthelasmaXanthelasma of eyelidXerosisXerosis CutisXerosis of The Face Things You Should Know
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