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Dr. Saleha Noorain


MD - Internal Medicine, DNB - Cardiology, MBBS

3+ years experience|Cardiologist Consult Now

Registration number : KMC 84423

About Dr. Saleha Noorain

Dr. Saleha Noorain is a Cardiologist associated with the Primecare Hospital in Bangalore. She has more than 3 years experience in her field of expertise. She is one of the best cardiologists in Bangalore today.

Dr. Saleha Noorain completed her medical school in the year 2009 from the reputed Bangalore Medical College. She pursued her masters in General Medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Thereafter, she completed her super specialty training in cardiology and secured DNB (Cardiology) in 2018. Although she is new in the field of cardiology, she is popular amongst her patients because of her sober nature and behavior. She takes a special interest in congenital heart diseases and preventive cardiology.

Dr. Saleha Noorain of Primecare Hospital is now available on mfine for cardiologist online consultation.

What does the doctor treat on mfine?

  • Hypertension: High blood pressure is a cause of heart problems. The only way to keep your blood pressure levels in control is by taking health in your hands. With Dr. Saleha Noorain’s advice, medications and guidelines, you can also prevent a major heart disease by lowering blood pressure numbers.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes may lead to heart problems. The best way to prevent heart disease is to keep your blood glucose level to the optimum and guard the heart. If you are diabetic, take medicines daily. Consult a cardiologist for better analysis.
  • Chest pain: Heart diseases may cause chest pain affecting the left side and spreading through the arms. In such situations, do not delay, as it could be fatal. Patients with chest pain can opt for cardiologist online consultation for correct diagnosis and care.
  • Pre & Post Operative Care: Patients going for a heart surgery or recovering from a surgery require intensive care. Dr. Saleha Noorain, the best cardiologist in Bangalore, provides necessary care to patients and helps them recover. Constant monitoring and proper care are quintessential to help patients recover faster and get back to normal life.
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Hospitals Associated with

  • Primecare Hospital

  • Primecare Hospital

    158, MM Road, Pulikeshi Nagar, Chichabas Taj, Frazer Town, Bengaluru - 560005 Phone 8047004700

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