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Registration number : KMC 62769

About Dr. Ramapriya Kalkunte

[three_fourth_last]Dr. Ramapriya KS is a well-known pediatrician in Bangalore. He has an excellent record of practice with more than 13 years experience as a pediatrician in Bangalore. Dr. Ramapriya pediatrician specializes in Respiratory Pediatrics. He is highly committed to his work with children. Besides treating general pediatric conditions, he also treats children suffering from chronic complications such as pneumonia, meningitis, gastroenteritis, and asthma.

Dr. Ramapriya of Kangaroo Care Hospital has hands-on experience in medical and surgical procedures, neonatal care, and cranial ultrasonography. He has a record of successfully handling many critical cases of head injury in children. He is equally experienced in managing different types of mental health disorders such as epilepsy and seizures.

Dr. Ramapriya is the best pediatrician in Bangalore today. He has worked in the UK and practices fracture surgeries, pediatric fractures, and pediatric oncology. He is extensively trained in administering Intrathecal Chemotherapy to children with leukemia, trephines, and bone marrow transfusion.

Dr. Ramapriya is now available on mfine for pediatrician online consultation.

What does the doctor treat on mfine?

  • All types of Fever: Children are prone to fevers like flu, malaria, typhoid, dengue, and chronic cases of meningitis. Dr. Ramapriya, the pediatrician, is extensively trained to provide proper care to children with acute and chronic cases of fever.
  • Cold: Children suffering from cold need immediate medical intervention. Dr. Ramapriya of Kangaroo Care Hospital offers relief to children with medication and care.
  • Stomach Infections: From diarrhea to vomiting and gas, children’s stomach problems are very common. Stomach infections can be serious if not treated in time. Dr. Ramapriya provides pediatrician online consultation for stomach infections and related symptoms.
  • Infectious Disease: Bacterial or viral infections in children may cause fever and other symptoms. Do not ignore such infections. Consult Dr. Ramapriya, the best pediatrician in Bangalore.
  • Respiratory Diseases: Lung infections, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, sinusitis, and TB are all respiratory diseases that need treatment. Consult Dr. Ramapriya for correct diagnosis and treatment.
  • Vaccination: Get your child vaccinated timely to prevent diseases.
mfine is the place where you can choose pediatrician online consultation. Dr. Ramapriya, the best pediatrician in Bangalore, is available now.

Fees: Starting from Rs.499 - 1st Consultation Free

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