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Dr. Manish Samson

Sports Medicine

D.Ortho, MS (Ortho), MCh Ortho (UK)

26+ years experience|Sports Medicine Consult Now

Registration number : KMC 64507

About Dr. Manish Samson

An orthopedician is a doctor who specializes in the intricate details of diagnosis, correcting  and treating various orthopedic problems and diseases of our skeletal structure. They generally provide treatment for deformities and problem in joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, skin. etc. Being an orthopedic requires the doctor to be adept in the use of physical therapy as well as surgical procedures. Dr. Manish Samson is among those best orthopedician in Bangalore who can treat such problems with ease.

Dr. Manish Samson is a renowned orthopedician who has been practicing his trade with great success for over 26 years. Due to his experience and skills, he often collaborates with the top surgeons in the country to treat complex medical cases. He holds an advanced medical degree in D. Ortho, MS (Ortho), and MCh Ortho (UK).Dr. Manish Samson is currently engaged with Apollo Hospitals and provides the best treatment anyone can find in Bangalore.

Dr. Manish Samson– Treatment She Provides on mfine

Dr. Manish Samson also provides Orthopedician online consultation for an effective diagnosis and treatment at mfine:
  • Diagnosis of any injury or disorder in the bone, muscles and skeletal structure deformities
  • Treatment through medication, exercise, surgery , and other similar treatment
  • Rehabilitation programs and recommending exercises
  • Physical therapy to restore movement, strength and function
  • Chalking out effective  treatment plans for the prevention of injury or and slow down the progression of diseases through effective medication
  • Arthroscopy –it involves the application of optical and scanning instruments to aid in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of orthopedic diseases
Dr. Manish Samson is one of the most skilled doctors you can find today who can treat complex orthopedic problems using a variety of modern medical techniques. He is adept id the treatment of various bone diseases, trauma due to accidents and invasive surgical procedures to correct deformities. Therefore, if you have been facing such problems, then book an appointment with Dr. Manish Samson immediately through mfine today.

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