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Dr. KB Prasad


MD- Internal Medicine, DM- Cardiology

31+ years experience|Cardiologist Consult Now

Registration number : KMC 39856

About Dr. KB Prasad

Dr. KB Prasad is based at Bannerghatta region of Bangalore and he has completed over 36 years in the field of cardiology. He practices at the Apollo Hospitals of Bangalore. Dr. KB Prasad as cardiologist has a career that spans over thirty years.

During this time, Dr. KB Prasad of Apollo Hospitals has done an amazing job in performing complicated surgeries. Some of the procedures that he has effectively handled include Coronary Angiogram, Coronary Angioplasty, Peripheral Angioplasty, Valvuloplasties, and Device closures of ASD, PDA, and Permanent Pacemaker implantation.

As the best cardiologist in Bangalore, he has presented multiple papers at different locations all across the country. One of his most acclaimed papers include Analysis of Atrial A and v waves in Mitral Stenosis ICC, as presented at CSI in Kolkata. He presented a paper on Primary PTCA and stenting in AMI-SJIC experience. This was presented in Bangalore Coil closure of PDA SJIC experience, at CSI held in Bangalore. Dr. Prasad has also collaborated with many other renowned general physicians, gynecologists, and the likes to offer the best care.

Dr. KB Prasad– Services provided on mfine

Dr. KB Prasad offers expert cardiologist online consultation on mfine in the following aspects:
  • Checkup of Family History: Your risk of getting heart problems depends a lot on your family history of the disease. Dr. Prasad will look into your family history and lifestyle to offer you the best course of treatment.
  • Hypertension or High BP: Regular checking of the BP by Dr. Prasad will help you avoid the complexities rising out of blood pressure fluctuations.
  • Post-operative Care: The right post-operative care, as suggested by Dr. KB Prasad, goes a long way in ensuring that you get a speedy recovery.
  • Evaluation of Reports and Tests: Bring the reports and tests to the doctor to understand your future course of treatment.
  • Pre-operative Care and Management: Know all the details of pre-operative care from Dr. Prasad to ensure that the surgery goes effectively and smoothly.
  • Suggest Treatment Changes: You can come to the doctor for a second opinion to know the treatment changes needed.

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  • Apollo Hospitals

  • Apollo Hospitals

    154/11, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076, Opposite IIM Bangalore, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru - 560076 Phone 1860 500 1066

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