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Dr. K G Shankarnarayana


D Ortho., M.Ch

29 years experience|Orthopedician Consult Now

Registration number : KMC 26459

About Dr. K G Shankarnarayana

Dr. Shankarnarayana K.G is one of the most distinguished practitioners in the field of orthopedics, with over 29 years of experience. He has received specialized training from Kasturba Medical College in Mangalore and Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, adding to his credibility & knowledge. Dr. Shankarnarayana orthopedician effectively manages the health problems related to the musculoskeletal system, having unmatched expertise in correcting bone & spinal deformities in children and adults. Dr. Shankarnarayana of Aster Clinic Bangalore also practices in Sri Sai Northside Hospital in Sahakaranagar and Naina Polyclinic & Lab in Yelahanka. Having vast experience and unparalleled skills, he is the best orthopedician in Bangalore. The orthopedic surgeon has expertise in stem cell transplantation, and has successfully performed extensive knee replacement surgeries. Dr. Shankarnarayana Bangalore is also acclaimed for his physiotherapy sessions that play an integral role in orthopedic procedures. He has special interest in the field of hand injuries and trauma. Get orthopedician online consultation on mfine today. Talk to highly experienced orthopedists online and stay healthy.

What the Doctor Provides on mfine?

Dr. Shankarnarayana K.G is a well-known orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore, specializing in diverse areas as discussed herewith:
  • Arthritis Management: Has acute arthritis taken a toll on your life? Dr. Shankarnarayana orthopedician has specialized in arthritis management, providing medical consultation and care to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. He has performed numerous knee surgeries successfully, ensuring a happy, healthy life to his patients. Book an appointment with the best orthopedician in Bangalore today.
  • Bones & Joints Management: For people suffering from body aches, sprain and other injuries, the doctor provides specialized treatment and surgical options with utmost care.
  • Physiotherapy: His physiotherapy sessions are well-acclaimed for posture correction, and managing chronic illnesses & injuries.
  • Trauma Management: Dr. Shankarnarayana Bangalore specializes in trauma management, helping the patients cope with their illness or injury. He also advices lifestyle measures to be taken to prevent injuries or illnesses.
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Medical Conditions

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