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About Dr. Harsha Reddy

Women don’t open up about their gynecological issues. But medical negligence can be fatal if the infection develops in genital cancer. You can prevent this possibility if you get Dr. Harsha Reddy Cloudnine Hospital appointment. Dr. Harsha Reddy is a reputed gynecologist in Bangalore. She has an experience of more than 15 years. If you want details of competent female gynecologists, then check out Dr. Reddy’s profile on mfine.

Dr. Reddy has a MBBS degree. She also has a specialization and acquired a DGO degree. An additional DNB degree makes gives a boost to her overall qualification. She practices at the Cloudnine Hospital in Bangalore. Mfine helps you to book Dr. Harsha Reddy Cloudnine Hospital appointment.

Services Offered On mfine

Treatment for Menstrual Issues – Missing periods is not a healthy sign. If you experience pain during menstruation, then consult with a gynecologist as soon as possible.

Vaginal Issues – Many female patients suffer from vaginal dryness. It causes itching and burning in the genital area. Others come to Dr. Harsha Reddy gynecologist with excessive vaginal discharge complaints. Proper medicine and topical ointments can offer speedy recovery.

Physical Abnormality Detection – Unusual growth in breasts may be early signs of breast cancer. Only the best gynecologist in Bangalore can detect the nature of these growths. They will suggest mammogram for in-depth detection.

Treatment for Sexual Conditions – Sexual diseases cause discomfort for female patients. Dr. Harsha Reddy gynecologist possesses a lot of experience in this field. She will identify the symptoms and suggest appropriate treatment.

Pregnancy Planning – Many women suffer from complications during pregnancy. This may cause a miscarriage. Early gynecologist online consultation can help the mother and the unborn baby. Many couples book an appointment with Dr. Harsha Reddy to plan the pregnancy.

Preventive Advice – Sexual intercourse can pave the path for several genital diseases. Proper protection can save you from fatal STDs. Only the best gynecologist in Bangalore can highlight necessary protective measures.

Personal Hygiene – Dr. Harsha Reddy suggests that you can prevent gynecological issues with proper personal hygiene. If you want such tips, then consult with this specialist today.

You can get details about gynecologists and attain online consultation through mfine. The professional profiles highlight their qualifications. The gynecologist online consultation depends on your preference.

Fees: Starting from Rs.499 - 1st Consultation Free

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