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Dr. Faiyaz Ali

General Physician

MD - General Medicine, MRCP

41+ years experience|General Physician Consult Now

Registration number : KMC 17542

About Dr. Faiyaz Ali

The human body is susceptible to germ attacks. You may not rush to an expert for common diseases. A reputed general physician is all that you need. The list of best physician in Bangalore will not be complete without the mention of Dr. Faiyaz Ali. Apart from practicing general medicine, he also specializes in internal infection treatments. Dr. Ali lives and practiced in other countries. People, living in Bangalore, can book Dr. Faiyaz Ali Primecare Hospital appointment online. He is a certified MBBS. He also holds the prestigious MRCP certificate, offered by United Kingdom’s medical board. Whether it is a general sickness, or serious internal infection, Dr. Faiyaz Ali Primecare Hospital will come to your rescue.

Services Offered on mfine

Fever and common cold treatments – Fever, common cold, sore throat, and runny nose are some diseases that Dr. Faiyaz Ali physician treats. His vast experience allows him to detect the root cause easily. If you desire quick cure for any common ailment, then get in touch with him via mfine. BP monitoring – Several minor things can trigger a sudden rise in your blood pressure. A senior specialist like Dr. Faiyaz Ali will offer several tips to keep this under check. Steady blood pressure will reduce the chances of heart attack at bay. Timely physician online consultation can prevent fatalities. Lung and stomach infections – If you have an internal infection, then Dr. Faiyaz Ali is the best physician in Bangalore. Each day, he examines patients suffering from stomach infections. He will suggest some tests to get a better idea of your condition. The mfine platform allows you to book an online appointment with this internal infection expert easily. Pain treatmentDr. Faiyaz Ali physician is a well-known name when it comes to pain treatment. Headaches, muscle pain, chest or stomach pain are some issues that he treats. He will first examine the symptoms, and then prescribe medication. Internal infection takes time to cure completely. So, Dr. Faiyaz Ali puts stress on regular follow-ups. Limbic ailment treatment – With mfine, you can book a Physician online consultation with Dr. Faiyaz Ali, for limbic ailments. A sudden pain in the joints may be a cause for concern. With the reputed physician by your side, you will get the upper hand on general weakness easily. The specialists, listed on mfine, will make sure that patients get better as soon as possible.

Fees: Starting from Rs.499 - 1st Consultation Free

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  • Royal Bangalore Hospital

  • Royal Bangalore Hospital

    Y4 Heights No 7M -235, 7th Main, 80 Feet Road, HRBR 2nd Block, Corporation Bank, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru - 560043 Phone 076248 48230

  • Primecare Hospital

  • Primecare Hospital

    158, MM Road, Pulikeshi Nagar, Chichabas Taj, Frazer Town, Bengaluru - 560005 Phone 8047004700

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Acid DeficiencyAstheniaAsymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infectionAsymptomatic Urinary Tract InfectionAtypical MycobacteriaAutoimmune DiseasesAutoimmune ThyroiditisBacterial ParonychiaBacterial PharyngitisBee StingBilateral Cheek SwellingBirth DefectBlocked noseBlood in StoolBlood infection from an infusionBlood TestBody Mass IndexBody mass index (BMI) 38.0-38.9 adultBody painBodyache: Understanding the Underlying CausesBone Density TestBrittle nailsBromhidrosis- What Is ItBronchial AsthmaBronchitisBronchopneumoniaBurning Sensation in FeetCancerCarbohydrate IntoleranceCardiovascular DiseaseCat Scratch DiseaseCeliac DiseaseCeliac SprueCF Cystic fibrosisCherry AngiomaChest Pain while BreathingChest Wall Pain: Know These To Avoid PanicChickenpoxCholinergic UrticariaChronic Allergic SinusitisChronic Fatigue Syndrome: Everything To KnowChronic Inflammatory Demyelinating PolyneuropathyChronic Lymphoid LeukemiaChronic OnychomycosisChronic PancreatitisChronic ThyroiditisChronic TonsillitisCloudy and fishy-smell urineCoagulation defectsCobalamin DeficiencyComputed TomographyConsumption CoagulopathyCorns and CallositiesCSF RhinorrheaCT scanCulturesCYCLIC VOMITINGDactylitisDeep Venous ThrombosisDengue feverDengue Ns1 PositiveDentalDiarrheaDietary Folate deficiency anemiaDiscoid lupus erythematosusDizzinessDizziness with sweatingDrug induced gastritisDrug-induced vomitingDry CoughDrynessDyslipidemiaDyspnoea on exertionEbola Virus DiseaseEgg Allergy: Necessary Information.EncephalitisEnterobiasisEnterobius vermicularisEosinophiliaEpigastric PainErysipelasErythema Infectiosum (fifth disease)ErythrasmaEumycetomaExcessive Sleep DisorderExcessive sweating of palmsExercise induced electrolyte imbalanceFacial edemaFacial SwellingFatigue SyndromeFecal IncontinenceFeverFibromyalgiaFilariasisFinger nail injury to NoseFistulaFlatulenceFood and waterborne illnessFood PoisoningFunctional Bowel Problemsfungal infectionFuruncle of Other SitesFuruncle UnspecifiedGastritisGastritis induced vertigoGastroesophageal RefluxGeneralised BodyachesGeneralized Edema for EvaluationGenetic disorderGenital WartGeographic TongueGERDGERD 27 DECGluten Sensitive EnteropathyGoutGynecomastiaH1N1H1N1 FluH5N1H7N9Hashimotos diseaseHeadacheHearing LossHelminthiasisHematemesisHematoma of tongue-Rare Medical Condition Of TongueHemochromatosisHemoglobin AbnormalitiesHemoglobin E DiseaseHemoglobin SHemoglobinopathyHemoptysis Treatment ProcessHemorrhoidsHepatitisHEPATOLENTICULAR DEGENERATIONHereditary hemochromatosisHerpes genitalisHerpes infection with Eryrhema multiformHerpes viral infectionHidradentis supparativaHigh Blood PressureHIVHIV/AIDShyperhidorsisHyperlipidemiaHyperprolactinemiaHypertensionHypertensionHypertrophy of BreastHypocalcemiaHypotension When Should You WorryHypothyroidismImmunethrombocytopeniaImmunodeficiencyImmunotherapyImperforate AnusInfectionInfectious DiseaseInfectious Gastroenteritis and ColitisInfluenza AInguinal HerniaInsomniaIron deficiency anemia secondary to blood loss (chronic)Iron Overload DiseaseIrritable Bowel SyndromeLAB TEST- Complete Blood CountLAB TEST- Prothrombin TestsLactose deficiencyLeprosyLeptospirosisleukoplakiaLimited Cutaneous SclerodermaLipid PanelLipomatosisLiver PanelLoss of appetite under evaluationLow SodiumLow Sodium / Hyponatremialymphadenopathy necrotic granulomatousLymphoedema Right LegMacrocytic AnaemiaMalariamalnutritionMeaslesMelanocytic NaeviMelanocytic nevimelanonychiaMeningitisMental disorderMetabolic encephalopathyMetabolic SyndromeMild cognitive impairmentMild intermittent asthmaMotion Sickness-Initial EncounterMotor Neuron DiseaseMouth UlcersMRI ScanMucocoeleMumpsMuscular DystrophyMuscular PainMusculoskeletal PainMyalgiaMyalgic Encephalomyelitismyasthenia gravismyofascial painNail BitingNail DisorderNasal BlockageNasal congestionNauseaNeoplasmNewly Diagnosed Hypothyroidism Tackling Hypothyroidism Through Proper Self CareNoninfective Gastroenteritis and Colitis UnspecifiedNonthrombocytopenic purpuraNontuberculous Mycobacteria InfectionsNose BlockNUDObeseObesity SyndromeOliguriaOnycholysisOral CandidiasisOral Lichen PlanusOral ulcer - hard palateOrchitisOrf virus diseaseOrthostatic hypotensionOther Abnormalities Of Breathing Different Causes, Symptoms And TreatmentOther chronic sinusitisOverweightPainPapillomaPedal EdemaPemphigus VulgarisPerianal HematomaPeripheral tuberculosis lymphadenitisPica unspecified and unexplainedPilesPinworm infectionPlaguePneumoniaPoliomyelitisPolyuriaPORPHYRIAPossible AngioedemaPost IM injection site infectionPost natal bleedingPost Viral Fatigue SyndromePost-Viral Fatigue SyndromePostoperative seromapre diabetic statePre Travel Counselling Tips And TricksPrimary Aldosteronism (Conn Syndrome)Proctalgia FugaxproteinuriaPruritus AniPsoriasisPulmonary Mycobacterial InfectionRabiesRapid Strep TestRaynauds PhenomenonRectal ProlapseRectoceleRecurrent and persistent hematuriaRicketsright cheek inflammationSchmorls nodes lumbar regionscratch test for allergiesSecondary infection of ThrombophlebitisSecondary PolycythemiasepsisSevere Acute Respiratory SyndromeSialodenititsSickle Cell AnemiaSickle Cell DiseaseSjogren s SyndromeSjogren’s SyndromeSkin TagSLESoft Tissue SwellingsSomnolenceStaphylococcus AureusStatus MigrainosousSteroid AbuseSteroid faciessteroid withdrawalStreptococcal pharyngitisSuffering from sore nipplesSuspected Cannabis Ingestionsuspected diabetic neuropathySuspected HypertensionSwellingSyphilis How To Treat SyphilissyringomaentSystemic Exertion Intolerance DiseaseSystemic SclerosisTension HeadchesTetanusThalassemia MinorThyroid Stimulating HormoneTravellers DiarrhoeaTravelling sicknessTrichTrichomoniasisTuberculosisType 1 DiabetesType 2 Diabetes MellitusTyphoid feverUncontrolled Diabetes MellitusUndernourishedunspecified chronic gastritis without bleedingUrinalysisUrinary Tract InfectionUrticarial VasculitisVaricellaVenereal DiseaseVenolymphatic malformationVesiclesViral FeverViral Hemorrhagic FeverViral Hepatitis BViral PyrexiaViral Rhinorrheaviral URIVitamin B DeficiencyVitamin D DeficiencyVitamin D InsufficiencyvomitingVomiting due to MedicationWheezingYellow feverZoster Topics