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Dr. Chaithra S K

Fertility Specialist

MS (OBG), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine and Endoscopy

8+ years experience|Fertility Specialist Consult Now

Registration number : KMC 83930

About Dr. Chaithra S K

Dr. Chaithra S K is a recognized Fertility Specialist of the GarbhaGudi  IVF Center. She has more than 8 years experience in Reproductive Medicine. Dr. Chaithra fertility specialist completed her MBBS, MS (OBG) from RGUHS in 2013. Thereafter, she completed her Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine and Endoscopy in the same year. She is the best fertility specialist in Bangalore practicing Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endoscopy, and Infertility. She also has in-depth knowledge and high-level skills in IVF. Dr. Chaithra of GarbhaGudi  IVF Center is a committed fertility specialist who treats her patients with utmost care and empathy. She has excellent success rates in both IVF and IUI along with Gynecology and Obstetrics. Dr. Chaithra is now available for fertility specialist online consultation on mfine.

What does the doctor treat on mfine?

  • Male Infertility: Dr. Chaithra, fertility specialist, possesses the skills and experience to determine male infertility. She recommends tests and diagnosis to determine the underlying cause of infertility in men.
  • Female Infertility: Female infertility causes vary from males. Dr. Chaithra of GarbhaGudi IVF Center understands the feminine structure and causes of infertility. She provides preliminary care and guidance online.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal imbalance is one of the causes of infertility and several related complications that hinder pregnancy. As an expert fertility specialist in Bangalore, Dr. Chaithra of GarbhaGudi IVF Center recommends hormone tests to men and women for correct diagnosis.
  • Ovulation Tests: The best fertility specialist in Bangalore, Dr. Chaithra, checks the progress of ovulation with adequate progesterone. She recommends tests to patients for constant monitoring.
  • Endocrine Problems: Endocrine problems may also affect fertility and ovulation. It is crucial to check these parameters before initiating treatment.
  • Diagnosis of Fibroids/Polyps/Blocked Fallopian Tubes: Dr. Chaithra, fertility specialist, is experienced in her field of practice. Infertility is often the result of an underlying blockage such as a fibroid, polyps, or blockage in the fallopian tubes. She recommends tests to detect the condition and suggest care.
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  • Garbhagudi IVF Centre

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