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Dr. Belliappa CMA - General Physician in Bangalore

Dr. Belliappa CMA

General Physician

MD - Aerospace Medicine, DIH, Diploma in Hospital Administration

27+ years experience|General PhysicianConsult Now

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About Dr. Belliappa CMA

Dr. Belliappa CMA is a proficient General Physician, Aviation & Aerospace Medicine specialist, and the center head at Bangalore’s Telerad RxDx Healthcare in Whitefield. He is the best physician in Bangalore, having an exemplary experience of 27 years in this field, offering unparalleled medical services to his patients.

Dr. Belliappa physician completed her MBBS from the prestigious Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College, and his MD in Aerospace Medicine from the Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bangalore. He further pursued a Diploma in Hospital Management from Annamalai University. He is the member of IMA, Indian Association of Occupational Health, and International Society of Aerosols in Medicine.

Over the years, Dr. Belliappa of Telerad RxDx Healthcare has been offering exceptional care for various health issues in the fields of dermatology, neurology, gastroenterology, diabetes, endocrinology, respiratory diseases, etc. He is known for his sensitivity towards the patients, compassion, and proper treatment.

Consult Dr. Belliappa Online

Being one of the top general physicians in Bangalore, the patients have to wait in long queue to get his appointment. But you can now get specialist physician online consultation on mfine for various health conditions as discussed herewith:

  • Vaccination/Immunization: Dr. Belliappa physician provides childhood vaccinations for various diseases such as chicken pox, measles, polio, meningitis, rubella, pneumonia, diphtheria, etc. He also provides adult immunization shots against several conditions like ovarian cancer, hepatitis B, pneumonia, influenza, rabies, meningitis, tetanus, and others.
  • Common Cold Treatment – He offers care and medications for common cold, cough, and fever.
  • Fever TreatmentDr. Belliappa of Telerad RxDx Healthcare is an expert in treating all types of fever caused by viruses, dengue, typhoid, malaria, urinary tract infection, etc.
  • Respiratory Disease Management: For several kinds of respiratory problems like allergy, asthma, cough, sinusitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc., the doctor provides dedicated care.
  • Chronic Conditions: He has years of experience providing expert care for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid, and others.
  • Other Services: Dr. Belliappa is the best physician in Bangalore, offering medical help for stomach problems, migraine, infectious diseases, pain, epilepsy, etc.
For expert physician online consultation, book an appointment with Dr. Belliappa on mfine today.        

Fees: Starting from Rs.499 - 1st Consultation Free

Hospitals Associated with

  • Telerad RxDx Healthcare

  • Telerad RxDx Healthcare

    RMZ ECO World Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, Unit -07, Ground Floor The Bay C - 1, Wing - 8A Adarsh Palm Retreat, Bellandur, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560103

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Abdominal PainAbnormal Weight LossAcute GastritisAcute Lower Respiratory InfectionAcute NasopharyngitisAcute PharyngitisAcute SinusitisAcute TonsillitisAllergic ConjunctivitisAllergic CoughAllergic RhinitisAllergyAnal CancerAnal DiseasesAnal dysplasiaAnal FistulaAnemiaAnorectal AbscessAnorectal AnomaliesAnorectal DisordersAnorexiaAnthraxAnxiety DisorderAphthous UlcerArthritisAsthmaBirth DefectBlood in StoolBronchitisBrucellosisCancerCardiovascular DiseaseChickenpoxCholeraChronic Idiopathic ConstipationChronic Lymphoid LeukemiaChronic PancreatitisCircumcisionDeep Venous ThrombosisDengue feverDiarrheaDyslipidemiaEbola Virus DiseaseEncephalitisEosinophiliaFecal IncontinenceFistulaFlatulenceGastritisGastroesophageal Reflux DiseaseGenetic disorderGenital WartGynecomastiaHeadacheHearing LossHelminthiasisHemorrhoidsHepatitisHerniaHIVHIV/AIDSHypercholesterolemiaHyperlipidemiaHypertensionHypertrophy of BreastHypothyroidismImmunodeficiencyImperforate AnusInfectionInfectious DiseaseInfectious Gastroenteritis and ColitisInfluenzaInguinal HerniaInsomniaIrritable Bowel SyndromeLeptospirosisLipomatosisLyme DiseaseMalariaMeaslesMeningitisMental disorderMigraineMigraine without AuraMumpsMusculoskeletal PainMyalgiaNeoplasmNon-Cardiac Chest PainPainPedal EdemaPerianal HematomaPilesPinworm infectionPlaguePneumoniaPoliomyelitisProctalgia FugaxProctitisPruritus AniRabiesRectal ProlapseRectoceleSevere Acute Respiratory SyndromeSexually Transmitted InfectionSkin TagSwellingSystemic Lupus ErythematosusTetanusTuberculosisType 1 DiabetesType 2 Diabetes MellitusTyphoid feverUrinary Tract InfectionVaricellaViral FeverViral Hemorrhagic FeverViral InfectionVitamin B DeficiencyVitamin D DeficiencyWheezingYellow fever
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