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3. Dealing with calcium deficiency through dietary counseling


Getting dietary consultation for a calcium deficiency.

Seven out of 10 Indians are calcium deficient [1].

- A calcium deficiency can be caused due to a lack of adequate calcium in the diet, which can lead to muscle weakness and pain, tooth decay, fatigue, etc
- In addition to changing diet, it is important to avoid alcohol and smoking.
- Healthy body weight should also be retained along with constant exercise.

It is best to avoid self-treating this deficiency by taking too many supplements as this could have grave consequences like kidney stones, etc. A diet counselor can help in finding the perfect balanced diet according to your requirements.


As most individuals experience subtle hints of being deficient in Vitamin D, it often goes undiagnosed. Some symptoms are
- Difficulty in swallowing
- Muscle cramps
- Fatigue
- Emotional effects
- Voice changes
- Rough hair
- Pain in the chest
- Tooth decay
- A weakness of the muscles
- Dryness in the skin and constant itching
- Easily breakable nails
- Easily bone fracturing


Self-care: Treatment for calcium deficiency usually involves adding a subsequent amount of calcium in your daily consumption. Some sources of calcium include lentils, whey protein, sardines, cheese, beans, almonds, seeds, tofu, soy milk, figs, milk, and dark leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli, or bok choy.

Medications: Vitamins and dietary supplements can be used to tackle calcium deficiency.

Specialists: Consult a diet counselor who can assess your symptoms as per your medical history. mfine provides accurate and professional treatment options to provide assistance to patients.

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