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Getting dietary consultation for a vitamin D deficiency

A dark complexion, obesity, lack of fish and dairy in diet, age, tendency to stay indoors are all factors that put you at a higher risk of being Vitamin D deficient. It causes brittle or misshapen bones.

According to estimations, globally there are 1 billion individuals who are Vitamin D deficient.[1]


As most individuals experience subtle hints of being deficient in Vitamin D, it often goes undiagnosed. Some symptoms are
- Loss of hair
- Muscle pain
- Slow healing of wounds
- Back pain
- Depression
- Fatigue and lethargy
- Often being sick or catching infections quickly
- Low bone density


As the symptoms are ambiguous and subtle, most people do not realize this deficiency. Consulting a medical practitioner can help fix it. A dietary counselor will help resolve the deficiency by providing you with supplements and a good diet structure.

Self-care: Include seafood such as salmon, oysters, tuna, etc. in your diet. Other sources of Vitamin D include egg yolk, mushrooms, orange juice, oatmeal, soy milk, and cow milk. A vegan or keto diet will help too.

Specialist: It is important to meet a professional as resolving a vitamin D deficiency could significantly improve your health. mfine provides a holistic treatment program to help with different areas of health-related issues according to your needs.

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