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Who is a diabetologist?

Diabetologists are specialists who treat patients with increased blood sugar levels. Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the body is either unable to make sufficient insulin or can’t make use of the insulin produced. A diabetes doctor treats this metabolic disorder so that the blood sugar levels in your body are maintained.

What are the types of diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes that occur in patients – the most common one in them is type 2 Diabetes type. This is a condition wherein the patients are unable to produce enough insulin to keep sugar levels under control. Get in touch with a diabetes doctor for high blood sugar treatment. The other type of diabetes is Type 1 diabetes. This occurs at a young age where the body produces antibodies against your pancreas which leads to a lack of production of insulin.

What are the adverse effects of diabetes?

Diabetes leads to an increased risk of heart disorders, kidney damage, and nerve disorders. It can also result in other health problems such as skin disorders, stroke, depression and loss of vision. To avoid any health complications, it is essential to undergo high blood sugar treatment.Get in touch with the best diabetes doctor to keep your sugar level under control.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

The common symptoms of diabetes are fatigue, frequent urination, increased hunger, blurry vision or weight loss. Sometimes, diabetes in men can lead to erectile dysfunction and increases other health complications. It is important to get immediate diabetes mellitus treatment from the best diabetes doctor to keep your sugar levels under control.

Why you should consult a diabetes doctor?

Diabetes is a major cause of concern leading to multiple health complications. It is also known that diabetes increases the risk of heart diseases. This is why you should immediately consult with the best diabetes doctor to keep your sugar levels in control. For effective diabetes mellitus treatment, book an appointment with the top diabetes doctor in Hyderabad that are located in and around Alwal using the mfine app. You can also use the “Diabetes doctor near me” keyword for faster results.

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